45 Days of Erotica. Day 5. 10
of the Craziest, Weirdest Fetishes In the Kink Universe  

of my most exciting writing projects required me to cover sexual
fetishes in and out. There’s a lot of them. Some are bucket list
worthy. Others are mind-boggling and will have you shaking your head
like, “why”? I was already corrupt, and after being exposed to
all this stuff, I can truly say there’s no hope for me. Now I’m
corrupting you because if I have to retain all this info without
sharing just a little bit, I just may go batty.

by one, 10 of the wackiest, weirdest sexual fetishes I’ve written
about during this project.

. There’s open relationships, then there’s cuckolding. In
cuckolding, the man or cuck, not only knows his woman is shagging
other dudes, he often tags along and participates, usually while
playing a submissive role. That means he gets treated like a pure
bitch. I’ve previewed a few clips in this genre and seeing what a cuck puts up with, albeit consensual, is kinda stuff tough to watch. 

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