This is a very short story, so picking what I thought would be a good teaser was tougher than usual. Here goes:

“Do you like this?”

That was the stupidest question Jay had heard all day. Tara managed to form those words between sensuous, gentle kisses, which she directed with Jay’s face clutched between her palms, riding him like a veteran cowgirl to a hostile bull. Speed was her friend according to her pleasure senses, so she bucked her hips back and forth as fast as she could. She then put some bounce into her ass and sank lower to make sure her clit got some nice stimulation out the deal.

Jay matched Tara’s aggression in the beginning, which started with some intense lip locking coupled with a little feeling of her unbelievably perfect bottom. Using both hands, Jay molded his fingers into her booty like he was trying to sculpt it into an entirely new shape. But the act wouldn’t last long. Just as Jay slyly wedged the pair of satin panties up her crack, Tara forced him onto the bed and took complete control.

Like always, the dose of ecstasy gave her a serious case of bruxism, causing her to grind her teeth like mad. She craved something in her mouth to calm the need for gnawing, and Jay’s lengthy love stick would suffice. Though she incorporated too much teeth at times, Jay happily indulged in the tight, moist pleasure Tara provided with her mouth. It was a spectacular performance that made sure he was fully erect when she hopped aboard for the ride.  

Yeah, Tara was totally running this freak show, but Jay had a slick trick up his sleeve. After a few stretches, he was able to reach the small bottle of lube Ronny left on the night stand. Using only one hand, he unsnapped the cap, applied some of the liquid to his fingers, and slid those same fingers in between the bouncing woman’s sweaty, sticky cheeks. He thought she might object, but it was quite the contrary. Tara increased the intensity of her movement as Jay’s lubricated finger massaged her sphincter before plunging into the tight crevice.

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