Aurora Jolie didn’t make my Top 10 Porn Stars Ever list, but she’s still one of my faves. In fact, if I could stretch that list out to 20, she’d probably come in at number 11. Speaking of said list, in that post I mentioned how insanely competitive the porn talent pool is. How chicks have to go above and beyond being a freak to stand out and command top dollar. Ms. Jolie has done exactly that by carving out her own little niche in the game.

I haven’t checked into this within the last year or so, so things may have changed, but for the the longest time, Aurora Jolie’s claim to porn fame was being a virgin. Yep. She claimed that she was saving her ummm … vajayjay … for someone special … a husband type I reckon … so she exclusively shoots anal-only scenes. And boy does she ever put on a show. If you have an anal fetish and don’t know who this woman is, I’ll just say you’re missing out on some spectacular stuff. 

Anal aside, Aurora Jolie is a gorgeous, Goddess-like creature who knows how to command the screen. Whether the legend is true or merely a gimmick, a massive catalog made almost entirely of anal scenes means you’ll have a hard time getting those hotdog out the window jokes to stick. This woman is serious about keeping her cooter intact! 

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