If there is one
trend that boggles my mind to no end, it’s teacher-student
shenanigans. Seems like a couple times a year, over the past decade
or so, there’s a sex scandal involving a female teacher and male
student. What really blows my mind is the fact that these aren’t
butter-face gators. The teachers are usually decent to hot as fuck!

So what gives? Why
would a grown woman with a respectable career and so much to lose
risk it all on some underage penis? I can understand a rare occasion,
but this shit seems to happen quite a bit. Just think of all the
scandals you don’t hear about. Are they not sexually content with
what they have at home? Does messing with young boys give them a
sense of power and control? Help them unlock their inner dominatrix?
Or are they just a bunch of pervs who can’t keep their cooters covered? Your answer is as good as mine. Maybe it’s a combination of all three.

I recall an incident
at my very own middle school between a guy in my class and a
substitute teacher. He was 15 in the 7th grade and she was
probably in her early 30’s – not even cougar status yet. Looking
back on it, I can say that she was hot as hell. When I saw him pull up on school grounds in her car, I knew he wasn’t pulling our


I’m not saying it’s
right, because if it were the other way around – male teacher on
female student – those guys would be viewed as monsters, possibly
pedophiles who deserve the whole book thrown at “em. Still, I can’t
help but feel a little envious that I wasn’t the subject of some
extra curricular studies during my student journey. Guess I wasn’t
ready. Whateves.

I am very intrigued
by this subject and have been planning to touch on it in a story I
penned in my head a few years ago. Now that I think about it, I actually
started working on this story and should probably remember where the
hell I stored it. In due time …

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