A few weeks ago I
introduced a book I was reading called Pleasure Palace by the lovely
and talented Obsession. I mainly touched on how the writing
execution, super hot sex scenes, and fantasy-riddled theme truly
captured the essence of what erotica is all about. Now that I’ve
finally finished, I’m ready to give my full review of Pleasure Palace. I’ll try not to spoil too much of it.

Seemingly the
perfect couple, Kara and Jeremy are set to be married and nothing
will stand in their way – except maybe their jealous and vindictive
friends. Their love is put to a rigorous test of faith when a mutual
friend suggests that their six-person clique head out to Pleasure
Palace for a night of spit swapping, gut busting fun. And it’s on!

Pleasure Palace is
one of those raunchy sex clubs you see on Real Sex or maybe hear
about from one of your more adventurous friends. It’s a swinger’s
haven, and unless you’re in the lifestyle, probably not a venue you
wanna hit up if you’re set to be married in a week. But not only do
Kara and Jeremy agree to visit, they decide that they’re gonna
participate, realizing that it likely means sexing other people. The
trap has been set and they’ve seemingly fallen right into it.

The fate of the
groom and bride to be quickly becomes an afterthought once we get
settled inside the club. Guided by the super freaky hostess Eden,
each friend goes separate ways and tells their own story as they get
busy in different sections of the club. Everything from girl-on-girl
to anal to double penetration is on the menu. And with six point of
views to tear through, things get extremely hot as we explore the
core of the story. By the time the night is over, one jaded lover
learns that the window they need to pull off the ultimate screwjob is
rapidly closing.

Pleasure Palace is
probably the first full-length piece of erotica I’ve ever read, and I
must say it was very well done. While I think it was more drenched in
fantasy than reality, it was very well written and the poetic touches
Obsession sprinkled in to transition from one room to the next made
this book that much more irresistible. Maybe it’s a weed thing, a me thing, but they seriously added a “hot as fuck” kind of intensity
that is just hard to explain, so I’l leave it there.  

I give Pleasure
Palace four out of five stars and look forward to the next
installment in the saga, They Call It King.

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