In honor of the late great Sid Haig, I
decided to revisit Rob Zombie’s debut horror movie franchise. I guess
it had been a while because I didn’t even remember that The Devil’s
was a direct follow-up to House of 1000 Corpses. And
apparently the upcoming 3 From Hell caps off the trilogy,
which I also didn’t know until just now. I’m such a boob sometimes.

There’s a lot of wild shit going down
across both movies, but one scene that stood out was the reveal of
the mysterious Dr. Satan. Towards the end of the first flick, we find
the devil doc, looking like something straight from hell 😁,
performing a twisted surgery on one of the unlucky jabronis who came
meddling in the sticks. Dude was straight up wicket, and considering
that all the bad guys escaped, I was looking forward to seeing Dr.
Satan make his triumphant return in the sequel … but he never did.


Turns out, Rob Zombie decided against
bringing back the good doctor. Apparently he thought the
character was too cheesy and didn’t fit what was supposed to be a
more serious movie in The Devil’s Rejects. I don’t know about all
that, but hey, it’s Zombie’s baby. He calls the shots. So the only
connection we have to Dr. Satan is this deleted scene, where he’s
laid up in the hospital after barely surviving an ambush perpetrated
by the cops. If the doc is going out though, he’s going out with his scalpel fingers lurched, executing one final, fucked up operation.  

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