I wasn’t sure if this one even fit the
theme. But fuck, if Charles Bronson’s Death Wish can be considered
horror, then this crazy ass movie definitely makes the cut. When I
would sneak Caligula out of Dad’s stash, I got the feeling that I was
experiencing something more than porn. Set in Ancient Rome, the movie
deals with a litany of dark themes that continue to haunt humanity to
this day. Our obsession with status, oppression, power, and
perversion, for instance. But since there was a lot of porno shit
going down, I feverishly tried to break my wrist like any
self-respecting teenager.

Fast forward to a couple days ago,
‘mature r’ me throws on Caligula, and find myself terribly tempted to
fast forward to the “good parts”. This was a me thing, promise. I
just wasn’t in the mindset to give this cult classic the attention it
deserves. Still, I was able to pick up on the timeless brutality in
some of the torture scenes as well as the main character’s
frightening evolution as he went from humble heir to the throne to
power abusive tyrant. I walked away wanting to know more about the
rise and fall of Caligula, so that says a lot about the impression it still made on me. Seems that history doesn’t remember the
polarizing descendant of Julius Cesar all too fondly and that alone is uber fuckinfascinating.

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