I love crossovers. You know, like when
you smoke a bowl of fire with the fungus. Or when one of your favorite
wrestling chicks ends up in porn. One of my earliest crossover
experiences is something that may have once sounded like polar
opposites: horror movies and hip hop. A surprisingly complementing
mesh of horror movies and hardcore rap, horrorcore is associated with
some of the most legendary names in the industry, including Tech
N9ne, ICP, and Detroit’s own, Marshal Vontavious Mathers. 

If we
traced the roots of horrorcore, it would lead us to the notorious Fifth Ward in Houston, Texas, the foundational headquarters of Rap-a-Lot
Records and the Geto Boys. The Geto Boys showed a darker, even
more violent side of gangsta rap with the introduction of the classic
Assassins, a track that goes beyond gunplay with tales of
decapitation and lyrics such as “kill that bitch like Freddy!”
Forever late, I just recently learned that the original version of
the song was performed by the original version of the group: The
Ghetto Boys, with a lineup consisting of Prince Johnny C, Sire
Jukebox, DJ Ready Red, and Little Billy.

Of course the better known trio of
Scarface, Willie D, and Bushwick Bill continued the horrorcore trend
with memorable tracks like Chuckie, from the platinum 1991 Geto Boys
album We Can’t Be Stopped. Chuckie was a solo Bushwick track that saw
the rapper introduce his wicked Chuckie persona, which of course,
is based on the iconic doll-faced slasher of the same
name. I still know this damn song line for line. Chuckie was quickly
followed up by Chuckwick, a sort of sequel that appeared on Bill’s
debut album Little Big Man. Both songs featured samples from the
Child’s Play movie franchise to accentuate the murder and mayhem in the


Unfortunately, Bushwick Bill recently
passed, but his horrorcore gangsta will live on forever through tracks that remind us how music
should purely be viewed as entertainment. That way we don’t feel so bad
struttin’ around the crib talkin’ bout “a murder contest, you know I’ll
win it, cause in every mailbox, they’ll be a head with a knife in
it!” 😉 

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