Rocktober Blood has the distinction of
being a movie that doesn’t waste time explaining why, how, or at
times, what the fuck is even happening. It’s like the director went in thinking “that’s my story and I’m
sticking to it, damnit!” Unfortunately, the narrative they’re so
intent on pushing fell terrifyingly flat. This movie has no gore, no
great kills, no interesting characters and an overplus of nude scenes
featuring the skinny ass final girl chick. I mean she was decent, but
not to be spotlighting like that.

I’m kinda disappointed, honestly. I
recently saw a movie that appeared to have a similar plot (it was much
better!) And since it is October, 31 days of whateva and all, I
figure I’d give this one a try. I knew it was gonna suck. But I was
at least hoping some 80’s cheese could make it fun. Deliver a few
giggles. So bad it’s good kinda thing, you know? No haps. Fuckin’

On the bright side, since I am bursting with the power of positivity, I can say that Rocktober Blood gave the killer dude a cool mask and inspired some awesome artwork over the years. 


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