As we’ve learned from clowns, slashers,
and vampires (oh my!), horror movies come in a wide variety of
sub-genres. One of my favorite subs, at least to watch, is
exploitation … but of the pervy persuasion. Sexploitation flicks, at
their raunchiest, blur the lines of R-rated and softcore porn. And while
not all sexploitation movies fall in the horror category, the best
usually do. This is where you’ll find classic films like the totally
bonkers Cannibal Holocaust, which crosses quite a few sub-genres
under the horror umbrella. Where lesser known directors like Joe
D’Amato are viewed as legends and celebrated for their artistic

Although they’ll always be in style to
some degree, I think the sexploitation sub had it’s most prolific run
back in the 70’s, which just seemed like an interesting and fun time to be alive. Some of the most entertaining horror flicks I’ve
recently watched come from this era, including the insanely awesome
Evil Come, Evil Go. As I mentioned in my video review (which is fuckin’
terrible), this movie gets about as close as it cums to blending
conventional porn and the conventional movie. The smuttiness goes well beyond the typical
softcore flick, in my experience. For that reason, I consider it the
standard bearer of sexploitation horror. Yeah! 

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