Candy laughed and took another monster-sized puff before finally letting Flash have his turn at the reefer. “My bad … about the weed. But naw, it’s no sweat boo-boo. And for your information … I would prefer that Tony not know about this visit. I’d like to think this is something we could keep between me and you.”    

“Oh, most definitely.” Flash disposed of the tail, reached over to the night stand and returned with a cup, which he presented to Candy.    

“You put somethin’ in this?”    

“Hell yeah.”    

Candy smirked and guzzled the strong combination of gin and orange juice she prepared earlier. Two more chugs like that and it was gone. “Anyway … how you know I didn’t come here to discuss business with you?”    

“Is that what it is?”    

Candy flung the cup to the floor, tossed Flash back on the bed, and climbed on top of him. “Soon. For now … it’s all pleasure.”    

Her crotch matched up against his, Flash commenced to rise from beneath, against the resistance of his underwear and track pants. Candy usually found herself more aggressive when under the influence, and boy was she ever loaded. This was their second blunt and she and Flash already plowed through more than half the fifth of Tango.     

Candy leaned down to position herself face to face with Flash, foreheads touching, lips brushing against his. “You gotta excuse me. I get extremely horny when I’m all high and drunk.”    

“I feel you. I rarely have sober pussy … or pussy sober. You know what I mean.” The two shared a laugh before engaging in a deep, wet liplock that saw Candy leading the way with an aggressive tongue. Meanwhile, Flash took delight in cupping the naked flesh of her round rear from underneath the shorts, where he found a thin G-string parting the cheeks.   

Much to both their grin, Candy stopped to come up for air. But when she removed her top, Flash realized it was all for the best. In the process, she revealed a pair of perky breasts that while smaller than he normally liked, somehow fit perfectly on her damn near perfect frame.    

“You ever been pussy whupped?”    

Bitch what? Flash couldn’t believe she mustered up the nerve to ask such a question. But then again, he learned that nothing should come as a surprise when it concerned this bold and daring diva.

“Can’t say that I have. And I damn sure ain’t been forewarned that I was bout to be whupped.” He couldn’t deny, though – he was diggin’ this bitch somethin’ fierce.   

“Well, you know what they say … it’s a first time for everything.” With that, Candy allowed her head and hands to travel the southern route, finding their way to Flash’s pants, which were quickly unbuckled, unfastened, and yanked off. She was pleasantly surprised to see that his manhood had already slithered its way out of the dickhole of his boxers, already at full attention and ready for a waxing. As if starved for cock, Candy clamped down on the stiff stick of flesh like a famished dog to a bone and commenced to bobbing and weaving, allowing her talented mouth to lead the way.    

No stranger to the sex game, Flash had his knob polished on many occasions – by crackhead whores in the alley and dime pieces in 3-star hotels alike. But just a couple seconds into this one and he could already tell it would be high on the list. Candy succeeded where many bitches before her failed, managing to fit nearly all 9 plus inches in her mouth without gagging, a feat she accomplished by coating his rod with plenty of saliva.     

Now a few minutes in and Flash couldn’t help but wonder … did I underestimate this bitch? It was a valid question considering that he wasn’t sure how much longer he could hold out. He was on the verge of exploding, right there in her mouth. But …

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