I ain’t saying I have a foot fetish, but I’ll be damned if certain pairs of feet aren’t damn hot. So trust me, I get it. In my very first edition of the Fetish Files, I discuss the ins, outs, and in betweens of the foot fetish game with the lovely CeCe Royalle.

How long have you been a fetish service provider?

About 6 months now. I’m very new to it but have been researching on and off since 2012.

What inspired you to take the plunge and make a business venture out of it?

I was lacking in income, energy and ability to work “normal” jobs. I learned about creating residual and passive income along the way because I always found myself in the same position; needing money to support my kids but unable to work because I had no money for childcare. I would end up googling “how to make money at home” and “how to get rich”. The foot fetish community is a niche market with many smaller niche markets under it and offers endless opportunity for both passive income and residual. I realized it was just silly not to jump in, especially being the sex positive individual that I am.

So what exactly is it that you do?

Right now I am building my name as a foot fetish model. I take pics and videos of my feet and sell those. I sell my used socks, shoes, pantyhose, etc. I also do personal sessions where people pay me for the opportunity to worship my feet (massaging, kissing/licking, and foot jobs). I make foot jewelry and foot care products as well and sell those to foot models or men who are buying gifts for other foot models they love. I’m seeing that I have an eye for the artistic photography aspect of foot fetishism and I think I would like to begin taking photos for other models as well. What I do now I consider to be just a startup, like an entry position into the foot fetish world. Although I could just continue to do this and make enough income over time by building a fan base, my long term interest is more in making an impact and helping others to navigate the world of foot modeling.

Do you get any sort of pleasure from it, or is it simply business?

At first this was strictly business. About 8 years ago my ex revealed that he had a foot fetish and always told me I could make money with my feet. None of it sounded like anything that would turn me on. I tried a few times over the years to start up a profile but was never successful because my heart wasn’t in it and I wasn’t desperate enough financially to jump into running a business. As I was exposed to discussions, videos and conversations online with foot fetishists I started to notice that my feet were responding to certain things. Videos of men sucking toes passionately and lovingly would make the bottoms of my soles tingle and get hot, much the same way that my pussy does when I’m getting turned on. However It would happen separately from my pussy response. Enough foot arousal would trigger me to start getting wet and ready, but the two are not always simultaneous. When certain men would describe what they wanted to do with my feet, my feet would respond the same way. They’re tingling talking about it right now! It’s completely out of my control.

I confessed this to a local foot-man that I was also very much attracted to and we met up for my first ever foot worshipping. It blew my mind. Not only did it turn me on, but I orgasmed just from the stimulation of his mouth on my toes and feet. I think it’s common to get relaxed and even aroused by foot worship because of the nerve endings in our feet but most people don’t reach orgasm from that alone. I get emotional pleasure and a certain amount of arousal from giving others pleasure, so I’m finding that catering to a fetish actually turns me on in and of itself, not enough to get off on talking about it with all the folks in my DMs but let’s just say my libido has been taken to a higher level since starting the fetish business. If I could not make money doing this, I would, without a doubt, still do it, just probably with a smaller, select group of people.

What are your personal turn on’s?

First and foremost, intelligence and humor. I have a certain physical type of person I am automatically attracted to but if a person I’m not physically drawn to has high levels of intelligence and humor I will more than likely grow to want to make them scream in the bedroom (in a good way). As for some things my body responds to automatically- foot stimulation, brown skinned people, big dicks, being dominated and overwhelmed sexually. Also I love bondage, spanking, and asphyxiation (all 3 with me as the receiver). When I watch porn I search for aliens, monsters or machines/ pleasure devices, but rarely ever human on human porn.

What are your thoughts on the current state of the fetish community?

Spending more time within the foot fetish community gives me the impression that it is being accepted and celebrated more because of the vastness of that fetish and all it’s subsets and intricacies. However, as soon as I mention something about fetishes to “vanilla” folks I am quickly reminded that we’re still outliers and seen as abnormal. People are ashamed of fetishes or think they are funny. My favorite people are those who don’t give any fucks what others think about the way they live their lives and I hope that more people adopt this mentality because it truly is the best way to be happy. As much as I would love to see fetishes of all kinds accepted by society on the whole, I cannot pretend that a huge reason I can capitalize on this financially in the first place is because fetishes are not considered normal.

Is there anything else you’d like to share with us?

A fetish is rarely a conscious decision that a person makes. It is a hard-wired response that we are born with, in my opinion. There is an idea that a certain significant experience in early childhood or puberty will create a fetish but I think it’s the other way around. I think our predisposition to certain fetishes becomes apparent through experiences at any time in our lives. I didn’t ever think that I would enjoy this at all, but it’s like my body has its own agenda. The biggest thing I have learned about sexuality is that you really don’t always know intellectually what your body will respond to until you have the physical experience.