To my surprise, I’m finding that a lot of couples are tackling the fetish scene as a team. Gotta say it’s a very cool thing to see. Teamwork makes the damn dream work! In episode 5 of the Fetish Files, I get down with an uber-interesting web cam duo by the name of HotFurie and StnLouis. 

Alright, this is probably a dumb question but I have to know … which of you is HotFurie and which is StnLouis? And what is the inspiration behind these particular names?

The love of my life and also my eega is HotFurie. In ancient Greek mythology, the Erinyes also known as the Furies were the daughters of Gaea (Earth) and Uranus, who in the Greek mythology was the personification of heaven. The three deities, feared even by Zeus, the king of the gods, were goddesses of vengeance, sometimes referred to as “infernal goddesses”. Being deities of the underworld, they belonged also to the minor deities ruled by Hades – God of the Underworld. They oversaw the torture of criminals consigned to the Dungeons of the Damned. HotFuries’ life-motto is “Lady by birth, nymph by nature”

My (the male partner) alias is sTnLouis. Louis is the Daemon of HotFurie (Daemon is a sort of imaginary friend or to be more precise an entity from the outer astral layers similar to the guardian angels. Socrates is the only one I know of who also had a Daemon, HotFurie’s Daemon is a deity that accompanies her and who gives her advice and who talks with her in a friendly manner. It took me many years to grasp the idea of this daemon, but lots of conversations, her totally rational behavior in all other aspects and the Daemon of Socrates made me less resistant and I gradually came to the conclusion that there is something there although I cannot say for sure what it actually is. sTn comes from Satan. So actually it’s Satan Louis.

How did you two meet?

We first met on a harm reduction conference in Dublin. We were both active in our home countries with grass root activism and we starting up peer projects for people who use drugs. Then we also belonged to the drug users community: Louis is a speed user, HotFurie is an opioid user.

We both used to be the 2 European top-activists concerning the discrimination and exclusion of people who use illegal drugs. From the local activism we got involved in activism at an international level.

We had negotiating meetings with the EU Commission, the EU Parliament, the UN Commission on narcotic Drugs (CND), the UN Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC), UNAIDS, …

We founded The International Network Of People Who Use Drugs (INPUD) with members from all continents where drug-users organizations existed at the time. That year I secured 3 million dollars from UNAIDS for our organization and then we were kicked out by, mainly by the British members because all of a sudden there was a pot of gold: This was the end of our involvement in activism.

By then we already lived together and after years of activism, we had to learn again how to function as a normal family in the society.

What inspired you guys to get into the webcam business and how long  have you been at it? 

We started in 2016. After our activist life we craved for a project that we could do together. I had read an article about web-camming and as I told this to HotFurie, she immediately was in. We had no moral or whatever objections to it. We have strong personalities and we’re born free spirits. We also had male and female friends – from our drug users’ peer group who work in (street)prostitution or strip clubs, so sex work was always a nearby thing. But as web-camming is being done in the virtual world, there is no direct physical contact with the clients or as we call them – guests. The physical contact is reserved for us two alone. We do camming as a couple, but HotFurie also cams as an individual cam-model.

I noticed you guys use a couple different webcam platforms. Do you  have a favorite, and if so, why?

We mainly cam on Xcams for Xmodels. Lately we can’t say that we have a favorite platform. Since the summer of 2018 Xcams began aggressive advertisement for hiring of new models and attracting new clients through increasing the popularity of the site. Somewhere in the middle of November they had contracted some 3rd-world country Cam-studios which logically provided them with an enormous influx of weekly new models. The flooding of the site with countless new models still continues. Cammers from Colombia or Romania may be able to make a good income compared to the average income in their home country.

In the West it became impossible to earn enough for a living, unless the model has a professional team of web-designers, cameramen, who makes advertisement videos, the latest models streaming software with which one model can cam on 5,6 even 7 platforms at the same time. In other words nowadays is somewhat more difficult for the West European models to earn a living only by camming.. The long-time independent models were thrown under the bus.

We have never considered camming as a main source of income. As I said our motivation to begin was to have again our own common project and as a plus point – it would for sure spice up our sex life although we never have had downward trends in it.

After all these years we still try to find a site that suits us: For ease of use of the platform and the pay rate they offer. In short our criteria ares: we work only on pay per minute (ppm) sites, we don’t do freemium sites (sites where the model performs all the time in free mode and the visitors are expected to tip the model if they like the show..

We started back in 2016 with a freemium site: Chaturbate. It was a kind of a good learning school. We learned more or less how to behave in front of the camera, the big difference what type of clients you have, what to expect from clients, the unwillingness of some clients to give a single tip while demand to see everything for free, the greediness of the cam-sites – Chaturbate sold pictures and videos from sessions of their models without a permission or a percentage of the income for the model – and so on.

I’ve sampled some webcam content, but never a live show. What can someone new expect from one of your webcam sessions?

First, we have a small set of rules: We don’t like poo and pee, painful plays or, time wasters and freeloaders, haters and trolls, racists and white supremacists and people who want to impose their morality up on us.

From this point on the guest is the king. There are two basic kinds of performers. The first have their own show and if a guest enters their chat room they begin the show. Each wish of the guest that is not included in the show will be satisfied in VIP mode – the highest paid mode.

We prefer to enact a sexual fantasy of the client. Each time someone enters our room we ask what they would like to see. Some guests give and reply and it can vary from missionary position to asking for asphyxiation, rape, bondage, spanking, anal is a classic, etc. In other words we never can expect what they will ask to see.

Some don’t give an answer and even there are some who leave our room. If the client doesn’t have a special wish, we have a short show – nothing much only I play a little bit with HotFurie, she may make a blowjob and from then on we react on clients’ remarks, statements, etc.

Are you currently exploring any new kinks we should know about?

As I said partially we began web-camming to spice up our sex life. Not that it needed spicing, but we always are looking to explore something new. Nevertheless we can not recommend “new” kinks, because when it comes to kinks the new ones are a little bit changed or just forgotten old ones. Besides everyone has his own sexual fantasies. What one finds kinky will repel others. That is enough reason for us to keep our sexual preferences personal and not to give directions or instructions. There is so much porn online nowadays that there is something for everyone. It will be much better if people find their kink themselves. That is much more exiting and one could not have it wrong.

How can we connect with you guys on social media?

You know us from being on MeWe (for as long it will last) and we both have a Twitter account. For HotFurie this is @HotFurie and for sTnLouis it is @MariaMstnLouis.

We use this accounts to let people know that we’re going online and are available for webcamming sessions and to promote new entries on our picture blog.