There are levels to this dominatrix shit. And I recently had the pleasure of chatting with a classy lady sitting high among the industry elite. Without further ado, my interview with the lovely Madame Caramel. 

1. How long you been a mistress and what inspired you to get involved
in this field?

I have been a dominatrix for the past 16 years. I met a wonderful gentleman on a dating site and he opened my Pandora Box. Honestly i had it in me all along just did not have a name for that interests.

2. Do you specialize in any specific fetish categories? Have any personal favorites?

I love Medical play including Saline infusions , Full toilet training, Strap-on Play, chastity Training and Maid Training and full rubber enclosure .

3. Does a potential slave have to meet any special qualifications in order to serve you?

Everyone can email me and serve me providing they read all the details of my
site and understand and approach me with the utmost respect. I do not
discriminate at all.

4. In your opinion, are there any certain aspects of the dominatrix game that are specific to the UK or Europe in general?

It’s saturated with lots of people with no real clue of what they do. I just recently saw someone punishing a submissive with the handle of the whip. Would be nice to have a governing body / school that people only after training could practice BDSM safely.

5. Your dungeon sounds very cool. Can you help us visualize it by describing the environment inside?

The main dungeon room is fully equipped with furniture from Fetters, including Bondage Chair, Bondage Stool, Ladder Back Chair, St Andrews Cross, Whipping Bench, Vac Bed, Full Length Cage/Rack and Silver/Black Rococo Throne. There is also a wide array of restraints, medical and corporal punishment toys, toilet boxes and much more – including a new chest of drawers containing ropes, PVC sheets, wigs, make up and knickers & panties for cross-dressers. We also have bluetooth accessible speakers so you can bring your own music and create your own atmosphere! The Red Room features even more incredible equipment, corporal punishment toys and a cabinet full of surprises for any naughty boys and girls! Behind each door you might also find an enticing surprise!

The bedroom/apartment features double bed, bedside tables, chest of drawers, chair, and LCD TV. Complimentary WiFi access is now available. The kitchen is fully equipped with cooker and hob, fridge/freezer, microwave, kettle, toaster, pots and pans, glasses, tableware, a champagne bucket and decanter. The bathroom features a range of toiletries including shower gels and mouthwash. The Suite contains everything you would expect in a quality hotel, including fresh towels, bath robes and hair-dryer. If there’s anything else you need, you only have to ask!

6. Has your work as a mistress had any crossover effect on your personal relationships or sex life?

My husband is my submissive … I’m the Matriarch. I lead, he follows. Happily together for 9 years.

7. What type of goodies can video lovers expect from your clip store?

It’s a compilation of lots of BDSM parties and fetish all focused around Black Mistresses. I think we have a clip in each category LOL.

8. Can you tell us about your World Tour and some of the places you’ve
traveled thus far?

I love spending the time in the Middles East and I travel Europe several times per month. And I fly on request on Fly-Me-2-You bookings. I will explore ASIA this year. Looking at options.

9. I imagine you’ve done a lot of conquering in your time. Is there any one thing you would still like to accomplish in the mistress business?

I want to have a BDSM party in all Major cities in the world.