There is something uniquely intriguing about fetish smut. Not that shit with paid porn performers playing the roles. I’m talking authentic scenarios featuring a dom and his or her sub. Equally fascinating for me is how the practitioners get from point A to point B. Mistress Selene chimes in with some candid insight on her road to domination, sub safety, and challenges aspiring pros may encounter in a fiercely competitive market.

What lured you to the fetish services business?

Well, I wanted to go do something in the line of sex work. I tried escorting and I realized that it wasn’t for me. No valorisation into it. I met a client who was an extreme masochist and I looooved it! I realized that I had a talent for it. Not everybody could do it! From there I stop completely escorting. I did it for about 6 months and then in 2012, I jump feet first in the world of Domination.

I am a self-educated Domina. Now with the years that have passed, I met other Dominas that showed me the ropes and I have so many subs with different fetishes that my experience grows every time.

Every professional in any given industry has a unique selling proposition. What distinguishes Mistress Selene from other dominas in the game?

Oh, I’m a very strong and Powerful woman. Plus I am marginal. No other girls look like me. People look at me and they know I’m the real deal. I’m Powerful, sensual and sadistic. Everything to make you my little sub.

I see you offer a wide variety of session services. How do you go about determining which sessions you want to provide, as well as those to stay away from?

Well, I think you try something; if you like it you continue and Master it. I always have new ideas on how to make beta boys submit to me. When I think of something, I’ll try it out. If it’s good I will add it to my repertoire and if I don’t enjoy it, I’ll stop. It’s pretty easy when you are your own Boss.

What is your most highly requested service? And is there a session type you personally enjoy more than others?

I got lot’s of demand for strap on and sissification. Lot’s of trampling, ass worship, deprivation of the sens, cock and balls torture. I love everything that has to do with pain and humiliation. People choose me a lot cause of my powerful body. So that means, I do lots of face sitting, body crushing, balls punching, wrestling, and much, much, more.

I guess the good thing about the increasing popularity and visibility of fetish services is that it gives interested parties a lot to choose from. On the other hand, having so many options can make finding a reliable professional that much more difficult. Do you have any advice that could help would-be clients avoid scams or simply having a bad experience with their chosen fetish service providers?

First, almost every serious Domina will ask for a deposit. If you are too chicken to deposit $60 to book a session that will cost you $260 an hour, that sounds fishy to me. Look at the website of the professional Domina. Look for reviews if you can find some. Check ads on professional Dominatrix sites. Usually, a Mistress that has a professional website, that advertises at every popular site, that has a lot of professional photos … she won’t take your money and run. She has to much to lose (her reputation that is). Choose one that appeals to you and ask her some basic questions on your fetishes. See if she does them. After that, you try. If you don’t like her, it’s ok. You can try another one till you find the right connection!

I imagine safety is a major talking point in domina dungeons after hours. At the same time, it’s one of those things that’s equally important for all parties involved. How can clients, in particular, better assure their safety when heading out to partake in fetish sessions?

First, you got to be clean. Very important!!! Clean and punctual. The dungeon is supposed to be clean and have no trace of the last session. If you use the toys of the dungeon, it’s important to always put condoms on them. If you want to play with body fluids, it’s the Domina that supposes to tell you if she’s sick or something. At the end, it’s a relationship that has to be built on trust and respect. And to have those two, you need to build that bond by coming to see her often. You will know if it’s the right Goddess. You will feel great and at peace. Yeah, yeah … at peace … even with your balls crushed and your nipples getting bitten, you will feel a great sense of inner peace.

There seems to be a sort of glamour to being a dominatrix. You’ve got the sexy gear. Servants at your feet. Like a real life She-Ra, you’ve got the power! Are there any downsides or challenges a newcomer might wanna know about?

Well, you need to go slow and to respect your limits. You will have a lots of crazy demands and sometimes, a bunch of money offers to do something you don’t totally agree on. DON’T DO IT!!! If you don’t really enjoy doing something, then that’s your limits. Respect it. If you want to stay long in this branch of work, you have to know yourself enough to reject some offers. A sub never bargains with a Domina. NEVER!!! You got a lot of cheap mofos and a lot of disrespectful dumbasses. Stick to your guns. Don’t lose time with them. Communicate via email. If they want a session, tell them the price and to send you a deposit. They can ask 1 or 2; questions not more. After you receive the deposit, you will tell them everything they need to know. Put all of the information they need to know on your website. So you can just direct them to it. It’s ok to make mistakes, but don’t try to make them all. Take your time. It’s better to go slowly than to fuck up your name!

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