The Peacocks were kind enough to grant me a two-week free trial to their website, so I figured I might as well write up a review of the service. Who knows: maybe this could be another leg of the Fetish Files, aye? We’ll see. For now, let’s get it on!

Now some people are very picky about how their work is labeled. They don’t want words such as smut associated with their art or erotica. I can respect that. But I also respect the fact that during our interview, Mr. Peacock straight came out and referred to their content as a “porn”. Very appropriate for this amateur porn site, if I do be saying myself (just roll with the improper ebonics, okay?). 

The Meat and Potatoes

Like any website, is all about the content. If you’re a porn connoisseur of the flick persuasion, you’ll probably head right to the video section. Here you’ll find video clips in fetish categories such as Arm-pit, Big Ass, Anal, Facesitting, Squirting and Threesome. I have to say I was a bit disappointed to find that the Anal category is virtually empty. Mrs. Peacock is packing some serious booty, so I was looking forward to seeing her do it in the butt. According to the Mister, there are currently about 250 videos on the site, and some categories are more bountiful than others. I reckon these fetishes will be more fleshed out as the site grows and new content is added.

As for the video content that is available, trust me when I say the shit is worth a few spins. Most clips are at least 20 minutes long, so plenty of time to fap your way to the finish line, turn up with the significant other, or do whatever the fuck you do when you watch porn. We get explicit scenes of the couple in action as well as their swinging adventures with other kinksters. Pretty interesting stuff. My biggest complaint would be the limited camera angles, but I didn’t go in expecting a studio quality production. For a small scale husband and wife operation, it’s cool.

While video is all the rage, photos are still pretty fuckin’ cool. My booty pic collection is so huge and I’m considering having it added to my will, so it can be passed down throughout the family. Apparently the Peacocks keep the camera flashing because they serve up a fuckload of pictures … and you better believe I downloaded all the good ones before my two weeks was up. They’re even grouped in nifty little categories like His, Hers, and Around the House.

Another interesting section is Live Video. Basically, members can witness the Peacocks doing their thing in real-time whenever they decide to broadcast. Of course it’s all dependent on their schedule, but I thought this was a pretty cool feature. Especially with the growing popularity of web camming and streaming in general.

Membership Options

So how does one go about unlocking all these sexy luxuries? Well, it’s gonna cost ya. offers subscriptions in four tiers. The cheapest membership is a weekly subscription for $9.99. Unfortunately this doesn’t come with full access as downloads are only half off regular price The best value is the annual subscription for $249.95. This membership unlocks everything, so you can download all available content at no additional cost. Sounds kinda expensive, but I’m no expert when it comes to paid porn sites.


All in all, is a nice amateur porn site with just enough content to tickle your fancy little sensors. After getting to know the couple a bit, I have even more admiration for what they’re doing here, and believe it will indeed get greater later. While the cost of a membership looks a bit steep on the surface, you just can’t price on value, especially when it comes to a team of kinksters cranking out exclusive content and loves to put on a quality show for the fans. The fact that they’re so passionate about each other only enhances their luster. If you’re the type who likes to support independent porn, or smut you’re sure not to find on the tube sites, then I highly recommend giving the Peacocks a shot.