This fetish stuff isn’t all skin, smut, and sin. There are some very talented people behind the scenes who take great pride in their work. I recently had the pleasure of chatting with one in Steve Glamorous, a deep-thinking man with an eye for erotic photography and an interesting take on nudity. 

Photo by Nizar Zulmi on Unsplash

How long have you been in the erotic photography business and what attracted you to this line of work?

I first started in the fashion industry and later switched over to glamour and erotic photography and have an experience for about 30 years in this section.

I want to reveal the beauty that lives within each and every woman. For me erotic photography is a style of art photography; of an erotic sexually suggestive or sexually provocative nature. I just like it when a model is interested to explore her limits, her boundaries and go as far as possible in posing but not going over the limits that she has captured.

What do you look for specifically in models for your photography?

Models bring as much to the creative process as I do. I want to discover and celebrate the unique and genuine nature of every model I work with. I believe we all have a secret self, a ‘divine identity’ that is rarely seen or recognized, but under the right conditions it reveals itself. Making art and working with models has given me the gift of seeing beauty as endlessly diverse. When I work with models who are self-conscious about their figure or the stage of life they are in, it’s my mission to show them how their true beauty is, not in how they’re shaped or even what they look like. I want them to see the inner radiance that’s always there. I’m trying to reveal something timeless by photographing women.

Where do you find inspiration?

During the years I created my own style of photography and I’m always searching how to be creative with lightning and poses which all is coming from my imagination. It is not only about nudity or sensuality, even though it is a big part of it. It is also about harmony, sensibility and the connection of a woman with her body. I’m inspired by a vast tradition of art throughout history that celebrates and respects humanity.

I see you’ve compiled some of your photography into a book. Can you tell us more about the book?

Photo by Dollar Gill on Unsplash

I want people to experience the divinity that I see in women. I want people to look at my work and feel a connection between themselves and the spirit that I respectfully refer to as ‘Feminine’. When someone looks through my work, I want them to see more than just a person who’s naked. I want them to see and feel the emotion that is projected by the image, and realize there is a story being told. Beauty is always evolving, and it walks so many different paths. It’s my great passion and love to capture this and to show the world that there is nothing shameful or negative about the human form.

Any exciting new projects we should look out for?

At the moment I am working on a project that’s called “X-plicit” which means that all the pictures in the book are of an “explicit” nature, in a sexual, provocative and suggestive way of posing. The human figure represents a perfect balance of nature and divinity. I strive to show that balance in the pictures I create. It is only through the mind that beauty can be apprehended and appreciated.

How can new fans connect with you online?

People are free to take a look at my bookstore on Blurb

Under the name “Steve Glamorous” they can find me on the social media which allows erotic content such as: Vimeo, Sharesome, Bitchute, WordPress, Flickr, MeWe, Mojo, Deviantart, Twitter, Adultnode, Youllo and Pinterest.