“Well I’m glad we could finally clear some time on our busy schedules and finally hang out. Always good to see you my dude. Been a long time coming.” CeeJay raised his beer …

“Cheers Bro.” Montez engaged his friend in a toast.

“Wanna another brew?” CeeJay asked after noticing they were both sitting on empty.

“Yeah man.”

“Wanna do a shot? I got this cognac so smooth it go down like koolaid.”

“Na, I don’t wanna get too faded. Gotta drive up outta here.”

“Man, you ain’t gotta drive. You more than welcome to crash here. Worse case scenario we’ll call you an Uber. Internet luxuries.”

“Fuck it. I prolly won’t see ya ass until next year any way. Let’s make the most of it.”

“Right on.”

Photo by Darren Lawrence

CeeJay left Montez alone to sulk in temptation. How could he not at that vantage point? He was treated to a full rearview of Molly preparing steaks on the grill. Though her stature was a far cry from the thick, curvy frame CeeJay prioritized in the past, Molly was quite mesmerizing in her own right. Those Daisy Dukes fit her so perfectly you might have thought she started the trend herself. The shorts weren’t exactly snug, yet played their role to a tee. The jagged bottoms were cut just below the crotch, teasing an eyeful of reasonably plump cheeks. And if she bent over just a bit, you just might catch an even more explicit preview of the real goodies. With her curly blonde hair, angelic facial features, and killer figure, Molly could blend right into the bunny roster at the Playboy Mansion.

“There,” Molly said after closing the grill and turning towards the table. “Hopefully you like my cooking. I’m no Rachael Ray but I’ve been told I’m not too shabby.”

“I’m sure it’s delicious,” Montez offered, gaze lost n Molly’s piercing, crystal blue eyes. But to elude the perception of innuendo, he followed with, “I’m not too picky. Nutrition is nutrition.”

“Ha! I’m gonna tell that to CeeJay next time I try to cook his favorite meal and bomb.”

They shared a laugh as CeeJay returned with two beers, a huge bottle of liquor, and three shot glasses in tow. From the looks of it, the time had come to kick this shindig into high gear.


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