As the saying goes never judge a book by its cover, that proves true with Contel Bradford fast pace street novel Thug Nation. The author takes us on an unforgettable journey weaving in and out of the rough streets of Detroit seen through the eyes of Gerald Thomas a.k.a G-Dogg. Trying his hardest to leave the streets alone and do what’s right for him, his beautiful daughter and mother of his child, he relapse and goes back into the only life he knows; being a thug. Though he was practically forced into it by one of the most feared gangsters Felipe, he still went along and played his part to a T. Will G-Dogg try to be the best man he can be to his family or live by the only thing he knows; the gun?

When love, loyalty, murder, betrayal and lies are all combined into one story, then you have a heartfelt street novel. Thug Nation is not the typical run N’ gun hood novel, it holds substance, character and the heart wrenching reality for some of today’s black youth. Mr. Bradford holds in his hands a story that brings a breath of fresh air to the industry. Thug Nation is not watered down by spinning rims, kingpins and designer labels that only grace A-list entertainers. The unrestricted battling of one’s soul and heart is scattered all throughout this novel, that’s what makes it a diamond in the rough compared to others in its genre.

This novel proved that Mr. Bradford is here to stay. “Thug Nation” is remarkably written from start to finish, which would allow for the easy and enjoyable read. Even though the cover is not as professional as one should be the contexts enclosed can rival with some of the top urban authors in the industry right now. The book is very descriptive and strategically written to play out as a movie. I have read plenty of novels and manuscripts but I would have to say this is by far in my top five. My staff and I are really looking forward to what the future holds for Mr. Contel Bradford.