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Introducing ... Thug Nation, the hardest book in the game!
Gerald Thomas, aka G-Dogg ,is a merciless gang banger from the slums of Chicago. He is what he is - a stone cold killer.

Due to the encouragement of his grandmother, Gerald migrates to the equally malicious streets of Detroit. He hooks up with a few affiliates but realizes his main priority should be his young daughter. Try as he may, Gerald just can't escape, especially when the price for murder is so tempting!

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"I find this novel Thug Nation to be very well written and extremely
descriptive. The first thing that caught my eyes is the book cover ,
which I find exceptionally well done."
Shaifire - Urban Fire Books 
"This novel proved that Mr. Bradford is here to stay. “Thug Nation” is
remarkably written from start to finish, which would allow for the easy
and enjoyable read."
Sherron - One2Go Book Reviews


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