Gerald Thomas, aka G-Dogg , is a merciless gang banger from the slums of Chicago. He is what he is — a stone cold killer, but one with a conscious that continually haunts him with each act of violence. When a malicious attack from a rival set threatens his very existence, he follows his grandmother’s encouragement and migrates to Detroit, where his life is turned upside down.

Gerald quickly learns that the streets of Detroit are equally malicious, yet full of opportunities. He receives his biggest opportunity of all after serving time for a botched robbery. Gerald hits the streets with his mind on his money, realizing that carving out a prosperous future for his young daughter is a top priority. Try as he may, he just can’t escape the wrath of the streets, especially when the price for murder is so damn tempting!

Thug Nation is a fast-paced, hard, and realistic tale that provides the reader with an in-depth look at one man’s internal struggle with life and death. It serves as proof that the thuglife glorified by studio gangstas and pretenders isn’t what it’s cracked up to be.

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