45 Days of Erotica. Day 6. Serena!

I know we all have our own opinions. Like a little something different. Still, I can’t help but get frustrated at how so many people can’t recognize what a stunning piece of work Ms. Serena Williams really is. People often dismiss her like she’s not even serviceable, and she’s certainly much more than that. And it’s much more than the booty! 

You say she’s built like man? I prefer to say she’s extremely fit. Even the harshest of critics can’t deny that she’s got curves women would kill for. Blessed in areas more women are paying to have enhanced and still can’t get quite right. Not only that, she’s a born winner rich in that “IT” factor that only a select few people possess. 

She’s not Rachael Ray, Mickie James, hottest woman in the world hot, but she’s beautiful in her own unique way … a Goddess among girls! 

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