If I had to be completely honest, I would admit that Hot In Here is a very simple and straightforward story with only a handful of characters, a single location, and thin plot. If it was a movie, it would be a low budget film. But it’s not just one big smutfest. There is a fairly engaging storyline and realistic dialogue, as I like to think is portrayed in this excerpt from the remix: 

“What you think you doin’?” Meka inquired after being playfully shoved down on the bed.

“Bout to get some head,” Ron replied with a crooked smirk stretched across his mug.

“Yeah right. That dirty dick ain’t comin’ nowhere near my mouth until you hop yo dusty ass in the shower.”

“I’m just playin’. For now.” Ron leaped on the bed and snuggled up beside Meka.

“Member when you said you’d do anything for me?”

Meka gave Ron a peculiar glance, one eyebrow raised higher than the other, face portraying sheer bewilderment. “Yeah, and?”

“I just wanted to know if you meant it.”

“Of course I meant it. I mean everything I say to you.” Meka snuggled closer, wrapping a leg around Ron’s leg and yanking his shirt by the collar like a stereotypical bully to a geek. “Including I ain’t suckin’ yo dick until you get in the shower. You stink.”

“Alright, damn. Fa real tho. Member we was watching that flick a couple of weeks ago?”

Double Dipped Volume 4. Meka remembered the pornographic title by name and damn near everything that went down in it blow for blow, but for some reason, didn’t want her man to think she’d been obsessing about it, so pretended to only vaguely recall the occasion. “You mean the one about threesomes and stuff?”

“Yeah, that one.”


“Remember how you was all talkin’ bout how cool that shit looked and you might wanna try it?” No answer. Only an expression that teased a slight smile and the fact that Ron had her full attention. “Well I’m talkin’ bout makin’ that shit happen for you. Keepin’ it in the family, though.”

Ron’s indecent proposal immediately sent her emotions into a nervous frenzy, causing her heart to rapidly flutter in her chest, while simultaneously forming gigantic goose bumps on her skin. The comment took her back years ago when Ron presented her with a similar offer. Back then, Jacob was a mere 15 years old and by all accounts, probably scarred of pussy because with the ball in his court, he declined. Meka and Ron had been dating, as the white folks say, for six months. Desperate to prove that she was the ride or die bitch he said he needed by his side, Meka was ready to comply, yet hella relieved when Jacob killed the notion.

“Lemme get this straight,” Meka started. “We been together for almost five years, just moved into this apartment to start a new life, and you want me to fuck your brother? Just outta nowhere?”

“Look bay, it’s no pressure. It’s me and you regardless, but how many times have we talked about living life to the fullest? Doing what makes you happy? What makes you feel good no matter what somebody else think? I mean … I know you’ll say it was jokingly, but don’t act like you ain’t mentioned doin’ it wit two dudes before.”

“See, I can’t tell you nothin’.” Meka looked away, emotionally rattled. She could easily expel a storm of tears if she didn’t struggle to keep that one screw in place, but hated to appear vulnerable, even to the man she’d given her heart long ago. After getting herself together, she turned back to Ron, bravely staring him deep in his commanding eyes.

“So tell me something.” Like that, Meka was completely composed, prepared to engage her man in what was easily their most critical conversation ever.

“What’s up?”

“If I do this will you still respect me as your woman? I mean … I can’t have you gettin’ mad at me six months from now and bringin’ this shit up in an argument. You can’t be holdin’ this over my head.”

“Come on now.” Ron came off as offended at the notion of such behavior. “What was that shit wit ole girl Jessica … two, three years ago? That shit ain’t came up one time. We ran through that wit no problems.”

Ron had a point, but while their rendezvous with the hot little raver girl from Justin’s party was comparable, it was also a totally different playing field. They lucked up into some community pussy they were both able to enjoy — good times were had by all, even Meka, who for the first time ever, stuck her tongue in several of the places she longed to be licked herself. But that one-night stand took place in their friend’s guest room, and didn’t bear implications on
the level of screwing your man’s little brother, who oh by the way, happens to live in your spare bedroom.

Feeling like he was literally in her head, Ron felt the need to take as much control as he possibly could then and there. “Bay, I know where we at wit our relationship. And I respect it. I’m secure wit this shit. So believe when I say I would never come at you sideways on that tip. Plus like I said … ain’t no pressure. I ain’t gon’ force nothin’ on you.”

Seriously? A threesome? This nigga could charm the chastity covered panties off a celibate nun because his words instantly cradled Meka in comfort. In the back of her mind, she knew it could all be chalked up as game, yet couldn’t help wanting to buy in with all her chips.

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