45 Days of Erotica. Day 13. Knockouts!

Not many of the general population realizes this, but there is other wrestling outside of WWE. And there are female wrestlers aside from the Divas, and in TNA they’re called Knockouts.

What I like about the Knockouts is that in addition to being insanely hot, they can actually wrestle. This is a big deal because the WWE Divas, many of them anyway, are nothing more than eye candy. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but if a chick can kick ass and look good while doing it, then that’s two thumbs up in my book.

Another advantage the Knockouts bring to the table lies in the fact that TNA allows them to wear more revealing attire … butt cheek city! A huge plus if you’re frustrated with the no-skin, family friendly environment WWE has become. Behold … some of my favorite TNA Knockouts throughout the years. 

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