45 Days of Erotica. Day 17. Pleasure Palace.

I’m reading this book on my Android gadget. I wasn’t sure about this one at first. It started off a bit slow and the dialogue was a little cheesy. However … it wasn’t long until I realized what a gem I had stumbled on.

Pleasure Palace is drenched in erotic fantasies and fetishes that’ll pique your interest, if not make you blush … if you’re the blushing type The writing is on point, a balanced mix of sensual wordplay and simplicity so it flows fairly smooth. Even though I am the Greatest Writer That Ever Lived, I like to read stuff that I can actually learn from and use to further hone my craft, and this piece of prose fits the bill.

As for the sex scenes, they’re hot. Almost too hot. See, there’s a lot stuff going on in this book, and once the party kicks into gear, it’s pretty much non-stop. Kinda exhausting if you’re naturally revved up as it is, so I have to take this one slow and read it in pieces.

I’m probably about 60% into this book so if I finish in timely fashion, I’ll do a review here. Til then, I highly recommend Pleasure Palace to readers of this genre. It truly is everything erotica should be.

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