45 Days of Erotica. Day 20. Thug’s Passion.

Not to be confused with 20 other urban fiction books named “Thug Passion”, Thug’s Passion is a story I first wrote in 2005 and one of my all-time favorites. It was originally included in my double feature hood classic Dangerously In Love, and then sold to Silks Vault Publishing in electronic form shortly thereafter. I rereleased this book on my own last year, making it available on Amazon and wherever else ebooks are sold.

So why do I love this story so much? Well, I wrote it, of course, but there’s also a lot of me and my girl, now my wife, in this one. While it’s not a true story by any means, I molded the main characters after me and my little Pam Bundy. Thug’s Passion is what I’d call a ghetto love story. A perfect blend of urban fiction and erotica. This story is hot all over, so it definitely warrants a big spotlight in this here kinky campaign.

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