So I experienced my first
piece of lactation fetish erotica in the aptly titled
Lactation Station by Mary Chi. This story fit its billing by being very short,
and since I’m a busy person, that’s something I appreciated. On to my review … I’ll try
to keep the spoilers to a minimum.

Lactation Station
follows the story of a young single mother trying to find her way in
life. Though she’s living with her parents and struggling to make
ends meet, she’s also fresh off giving birth, so her boobers are in prime
feeding season – and so the plot thickens. After receiving a pass
from a friend of the family, our milk-carrying maiden realizes that
her postnatal state temporarily makes her walking cash cow (pun
kinda intended), so she decides to take advantage. Short story even
shorter, she opens up shop with a business called the Lactation
Station, which she uses to sell her melon milk to horny dudes via
mail order.

This story was
intriguing, fairly well written, and a decent introduction to
lactation fetish erotica. At the same time, it didn’t capture that
hot, kinky essence I look for in these type of stories. I wasn’t
necessarily moved, if you get the drift. I’m not really all that
excited about boobs, so perhaps that had something to do with it.
Maybe a story around selling butt milk would’ve been a little more
appealing, but that might not necessarily turn out so well in execution. It is what it is. 

Anyway, if I had to
grade this story on a 5-star scale, I’d give it a 3, yet still
recommend it to erotica fans looking for something fresh. In the
meantime, I look forward to reading some lactation-fueled material
that penetrates the soul a wee bit deeper.

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