Five minutes later, Passion emerged from the bedroom sporting a long,
bushy green robe that reminded Jo Jo of something his grandmother
would wear every time she slipped it on. When she slid into the
“erection stomper”, it typically signaled that the candy shop was
closed for the evening, for shortly thereafter she’d slide into a
pair of wooly pajamas and head for the sack. But it was in the middle
of the summer, and the lustful gaze Passion shot him as she
approached told an entirely different bedtime story.

the hell you doin’ girl?” Jo Jo asked, flashing a toothy smile
with Passion hovering over him.

know you been waiting on this,” she replied, unfastening the robe

his surprise, Jo Jo spotted Jasmine creeping up from the rear wearing
a pink, slinky one piece that looked to only cover her nipples and
clitoris. She moved in behind Passion, pulled her thick black locks
aside, and sensuously licked the back of her neck, slowly sliding the
robe from her friend’s shoulder. Passion played the role, softly
moaning with her eyes shut and top row of teeth lightly biting into
her lower lip.

the hell?” Jo Jo sat back in awe, taken aback at the incredible
sight unfolding before him. He could give Jasmine a sloppy wet kiss
because underneath that robe lie one of his favorite outfits – a
modest two-piece that didn’t reveal too much, yet accommodated her
curvacious frame and clung tightly at her lower crevices.  

situation stiffened and so did he, yet Jo Jo’s demeanor was calm and
cool as a cat could be in such a heated predicament. He wanted to
toss them both to the floor and savagely ravage them one by one, then
back to the other one, but had to play it with collected composure.
He couldn’t blow this one.

This shit was intense,
so to quiet his noisy nerves, he fired up the joint and sat back to
enjoy the show. And
what a show it was. An insecure sap may have took offense, but Jo Jo
marveled in the view of this sexy, taut-body dancer groping all over
his woman, lovingly sucking her neck, gently caressing her thighs,
working Passion into a sensuous craze with each stroke of her smooth
ivory skin. Damn. Chocolate and vanilla never looked so
delicious. Ever the show stealer, Jasmine stepped in front of Passion
and locked in on Jo Jo, feverishly feeling herself up, devouring him
with her intense eyes.  

Next, Jasmine moved beside Passion, bent over, and commenced to
wiggle her bottom with such ferocity, Jo Jo feared framed pictures
might go falling from the walls. Jo Jo couldn’t take his eyes off the
phat monkey spilling out of the thin material, the winking asshole
hiding behind that measly string.

it girl,” praised Passion as she slapped Jasmine a few times across
the ass. God damn! You like that baby?” She focused her attention
back to Jo Jo, who sat there puffing in luxury, not thinking even
once to offer the smoke. These two were obviously occupied enough and
didn’t need any distractions. On top of that, he was frozen in
delightful animation. Jo Jo couldn’t believe his red squinted eyes.
This shit was too good to be true.

made her way over to the couch and straddled Jo Jo, wrapping her arms
around his neck, prepared to give him the business. Jasmine trailed,
kneeling down beside her friend and grabbing a hand full of her buns
from underneath the silky nylon garment.

… I see you nice and hard,” Passion revealed, her lips nearly
touching Jo Jo’s.

know it,” he replied. “Let’s do this shit.”

placed his hands around her waist and went to remove the top,
prepared to really set it off. That’s when he noticed Jasmine from
the strained corner of his eye. She had one of her luscious tits in
hand, licking the nipple while using the other hand to massage her
clit with a ruthless aggression that made blood pump through his
instrument even faster.

ready for us?” Passion asked her man, replicating the very same
heated expression she gave him after he orally rocked her world for
the first time. She then leaned in, her lush, glossy lips mere
millimeters from his own, and blurted …

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