Happy to say that I
finished reading Diablo Snuff: A Foregin Evil by C.C. Genovese much
sooner than I thought. I was very excited for this one because it got
off to a nice start. Easy to read and the story moved along fluidly.
Let’s set the tone!

Michael is in Panama
City for a friend’s bachelor party. With his pals off shagging
hookers back in their respective rooms, Michael is chomping on a
burger when he bumps into the lovely and mysterious Isabelle. The two
strangers hit off immediately and before long, they’re looking for a
place to shag themselves!

His hotel room is
occupied, so Isabelle leads the way to a so-called “push button”
style hotel that leases rooms by the hour – perfect for shagging on
the fly! After some fairly hot and rough sex, Michael realizes that
everything isn’t quite what it seems. He comes to learn that just
like the other poor saps who fell for the push button trap, he’s
being filmed in a real life porn with a terrifying twist! Michael is
suddenly in a fight to escape with life and uncover the horrific
truth behind the name branded on the porn streaming in every room –
Diablo Snuff!  

This was a very
intriguing story, one that had me like “alright, just one more
page!” Having said that, I’m not quite sure how the erotica and
horror elements of this tale meshed. I didn’t feel creeped out in
anyway and the climatic blood orgy and how it played out was just
kinda lame – in my opinion of course.  

Overall though, it
was a solid effort that I would recommend you check out to form your
own opinion. Three out of five stars. I personally plan to read more
works by Mr. C.C. Genovese.  

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