This story is probably more street lit than erotica, but blasts off with a hot scene right out the gate. A fitting way to set the tone for the rest of the book me thinks. Here’s a teaser from the opening scene: 


knew just what time it was after feeling the hardness poking against
her backside. L removed her soft weave away from a sensitive ear and
struck the left lobe, nibbling away at one of Keava’s hot spots.
She let out a soft whimper, tightened her legs, and embraced the fire
her man kindled within her. Keava’s passionate moans made L even
harder, more aggressive. He yanked the panties further up her booty,
making a wedgie and uncovering more cheekage to play with. Feeling
it, L fought to pry open her clinched yams and wiggle a curious
finger inside.  

boy,” she protested. “You might as well take em off.”

doubt,” L complied with the quickness. He flipped Keava on her
stomach, yanked her bottoms down to her ankles and tossed them
somewhere behind him.

at you.” She looked back and smiled, anticipating L’s next move.
“You swear I don’t be giving you none.”

on his knees, L didn’t respond. He simply wrapped an eager fist
around the base of his cock and gazed lustingly at her ass like a
deranged perv. While he could certainly sit and stare all day, that
wasn’t the name of the game. L settled on top of the hump, allowing
his dick to rest in the crevice of her mound. He began at the back of
her neck with soft kisses, working his way down her back, then
eventually to the crease of her ass. Around the perimeter he worked,
admiring, worshipping, proportionally planting kisses on each cheek.
He inhaled the scent of strawberry body wash from last night’s
shower. It was faint, yet present, tapping into his erotic senses and
turning him up past 10. L furthered indulged in his favorite fetish
by spreading those cheeks wider and flicking his tongue across her
asshole with purpose.

are you …” L’s active tongue stole her breath in mid-sentence.
MaKeava unconsciously fondled the sheets with both hands as L’s
wet tongue furiously waxed her ass. A few seconds of that, and he had
lubricated her enough to break through and seamlessly tongue fuck her
tightest entrance …

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