I remember when I was gearing up to write this story, I asked some members of a Facebook book group to help me come up with names for my two lesbian characters …. well one a lesbian, the other just curious. I liked Treecie and Nita best, so that’s how we rolled. This excerpt sets the tone for their big moment:  


was 3 am and Treecie still hadn’t showed. That’s when the doubt
that had previously crept started to flow like a massive flood
rushing from a broken levy. What the fuck was she thinking anyway?
Inviting some strange, thugged out bitch from the secret gay bar to
the crib? What was she gon’ do, eat some pussy? That must’ve been
some potent ass weed because while Nita had done some ridiculous
things in the past, this shit ranked up there with the rare and

had enough time to straighten up the living room, fold the basket of
clothes on her bed and put them back in the basket. Even more time to
slip into a conservative pair of pajamas and make herself a
moderately strong mixed drink. Sitting on the living room couch, she
grooved with the drink in hand and a smooth R&B mix humming in
the backdrop. Though the buzz from the earlier blunt had almost
leveled back to baseline, Nita felt terrific. Securing the ganja was
a perk, but she was more proud of the fact that she survived the day
without enduring an emotional breakdown. Last night she suffered
through tormented thoughts that ranged from never being able to find
love in a relationship to slitting her wrist — all over this piece
of shit ass nigga Jermaine. Even if Treecie didn’t show up, Nita
knew she would do just fine on her own. Then came a knock at the

Suddenly, Nita’s heart began to beat at the speed of sound. She
placed her drink on the coffee table in front of the couch and
straightened out her pajamas, undoing the top button to tease a
modest clip of cleavage.

Nita greeted after opening the door.

you. I’m not too late am I? Looks like you about ready for bed.”

I’m just chillin’. Listening to some music. Come on in.”

Nita saw before her was a woman who looked even more spectacular
under the porch light. Treecie ditched the pony tail, allowing her
long, silky black hair to hang well below her shoulders. Her enormous
boobs were enhanced by a wired bra that brought them up and out, and
a low cut V-neck that showcased them like prized jewels. Nita started
to wonder if she was always sweet on girls when the sight of
Treecie’s luscious candy apple colored lips captivated her enough
to lick her own. She closed the door and secured the fortress by
fastening three separate locks, now aware that there was no turning
back … 

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