I wrote this story before I started exploring fetishes in my professional writing projects. After all I learned about dominance and the BDSM culture, I felt the need to go back and sprinkle a little of that in our main character Mistress Erissa. Dig it:


Erissa slipped into a soft, satin Kimo robe while allowing the client to excuse himself in the restroom. She sat at the piano with her legs crossed in lady-like fashion, breathing no longer ragged, demeanor calm and measured. The stone expression plastered on her face said she was back in mistress mode, and that couldn’t be good for the client.

“I don’t know what got into you, but I hope it gets up there again.” The client returned up front, fastening his pants and sporting a gluttonous grin. Having released tension he was normally forced to part with, Clyde felt loose and carefree. He would soon be reacquianted with his true role in the master-slave relationship.

“Who gave you permission to speak to me?!” Erissa lashed out, her wild eyes just as fierce as her tongue. You should be thanking your precious Lord you got to lick my ass clean … let alone stick your little dick in it. It’ll be a cold day in hell before you ever get that kinda privilege in my domain. Now get on your fucking knees. Now!”

Spirits broken, manhood crushed, Clyde walked over and bowed before his mistress knee by knee, all the while maintaining the eye contact she demanded out of respect.

“I oughta make you suck my sweaty toes then stick my whole foot down your pathetic throat.” The mistress spoke with malicious intent as she walked a nylon-covered foot along his chin. “Make you lie on your back and inhale my ass until you fuckin’ suffocate.” Erissa
recognized how those sadistic threats of hers lit a fire in his eyes
and played to his humiliation fetish. “Naw, that’s too good for you. I tried to treat you like an equal and you fucked it up. Matter of fact … get the fuck outta here! Now!!”

Though she was no physical threat in any shape or form, Clyde took it upon himself to scram and leave her presence with a swiftness that would impress Usain Bolt.

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