This is the last excerpt until Amuse Yourself to Death drops, so I’ll skip the dramatic summary and dive right in:


The name said it all, so holding true to the concept that made
premature ejaculation fashionable and accepted, Jules upped the pace.
Moving his tongue with fierce speed, he hungrily devoured her snatch,
licking, sucking, chomping down on the clit like he was trying to
suck out the secret of life. Jules prepared himself to ride that
pearly white wave when an even brighter light bulb illuminated in his
perverted mind.

I know you was going there.” Veronica perked up, her pussy further moistened when she felt her cheeks stretch open and a
tongue swipe along the width of her anus.

know you like it,” Jules boasted, leveraging that strong tongue to
open her backdoor and orally drill his way inside.

she fired back. “I fucking love it! I love when you take me there.
I cum so fucking hard with you in my ass.”

naughty revelation led Jules to pull yet another surprise
from his freaky bag of tricks. “Look what you done started,” he
taunted. “Open that ass up. You know how I like it.”

“Mmm hmmm.” Veronica knew exactly what he liked. What he craved each
time she strutted her sexy booty in his presence. She sucked the
forefinger on her right hand, got it nice and wet, then ground that
same finger into her ass. She was knuckle deep in no time, pumped up
and down as Jules scrambled to make preparations behind her.

the multitasking workhorse, Jules unbuckled his pants with one hand,
the other desperately fishing through the top drawer on the
right hand side of his desk. His pants hit the floor at the same
moment his fingers found the small bottle of lubricant. He extended
to full attention against the resistance of his briefs as he opened
the cap and dumped a healthy helping of the clear, slippery liquid
over her finger and in her crack.

That’s cold.” Veronica tensed up a bit, clenched her cheeks, then
quickly released and relaxed. The lube application aided her in the grind,
enabling her to work that finger in there with comfortable ease. Her
finger was then slapped away, signaling that it was time for
something meatier.

that shit up!” Jules commanded, aiming his fully loaded weapon
at the target.

both hands, Veronica gaped her buttocks as far they could stretch.
Then came that thick mushroom tip, which she quickly swallowed and
enveloped with her talented spincter. Inch by marvelous inch, Jules
fed her hungry hole, filling it about half way, seamlessly striking
up the motion that constituted ass fucking. Now they were both on
that united road to ecstasy …

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