As an author, your characters are kinda like your kids. You create them, nurture and develop them, then send them off … be it a bullet to the head or a ride off into the sunset. Candy and Flash are two of my oldest kids from Mr. Bill Collector, my oldest story. 

Candy and Flash are a lot alike. They’re both cunning, street savvy hustlers who will do anything and step over anyone to get to the top. They’re two strong sexual beings, and its their lust that attracts them to one another. Many many brain cells have been lost, but Candy and Flash may represent my very first full-length “erotica” scene. Here’s a piece of their night at the telly: 

“You ever been pussy whupped?”

Bitch what? Flash couldn’t believe she mustered up the nerve to ask such a question. But then again, he learned that nothing should come as a surprise when it concerned this bold and daring diva. 

“Can’t say that I have. And I damn sure ain’t been forewarned that I was bout to be whupped.” He couldn’t deny, though — he was diggin’ this bitch somethin’ fierce.

“Well, you know what they say … it’s a first time for everything.” With that, Candy let her head and hands travel the southern route, finding their way to Flash’s pants, which were quickly unbuckled, unfastened, and yanked off with his assistance. She was pleasantly surprised to see that his manhood had already slithered its way out of the dickhole of his boxers, already at full attention and ready for a waxing. As if starved for cock, Candy clamped down on the stiff stick
of flesh like a famished dog to a bone and commenced to bobbing and weaving, allowing her talented mouth to lead the way.

No stranger to the sex game, Flash had his knob polished on many occasions — by crackhead whores in the alley and dime pieces in 3-star hotels alike. But just a couple seconds into this one and he could already tell it would be high on the list. Candy succeeded where many bitches before her failed, managing to fit nearly all 9 plus inches in her mouth without gagging, a feat she accomplished by coating his rod with plenty of saliva.

Now a few minutes in and Flash couldn’t help but wonder … did I underestimate this bitch? It was a valid question considering that he wasn’t sure how much longer he could hold out. He was on the verge of exploding, right there in her mouth. But … 

Candy stopped and looked up at Flash with her hand still wrapped tightly around the base of his dick, eyes low and fiery red, spittle on her lips. “Where you stand on eatin’ pussy?”

“What?” Never had Flash been thrown for so many loops in one sitting. Sure, he’d chewed the fat in the heat of the moment, but it wasn’t necessarily his favorite pastime. Still, all he could muster was, “I don’t object.” Not his smoothest line, but that didn’t matter. He was already in like the homeboy Flynn. Only thing could fuck this up was a premature eruption.

“I normally don’t take no for an answer,” Candy told him, “but you seem like someone who demand respect, so I figured I’d be nice this time.”

“How considerate of you.”

“I like to have my pussy sucked when I suck dick. It’s kinda my thing.” You might have thought Candy was being timed seeing how quickly she slid out of those shorts and tossed them to the far side of the bed. Slick with her shit, she left the panties on then squatted her puss over Flash’s face and positioned her mouth back on his throbbing cock. “It’s playing hide and seek.You gotta find it.” She gave the invitation and proceeded back to town.

Just when you think you know it all, you learn something new. The number of pussies Flash had slain in his day tallied in the deep dozens, but never had he stared eye to eye with one from this vantage point. Yeah, he was new to the whole 69 thing, but there was little time to spare, so he pulled that thin patch of G-string panty to the side and went to work.

It didn’t take Flash long to take a liking to the mutual perks of this position. From the way he held both of her firm, yet fleshy butt cheeks in his hands to the intoxicating aroma permeating from her snatch, Flash felt like he was right where he wanted and needed to be. Was this the equivalent to heaven? Maybe not exactly, but to sex fiends such as him, it was damn sure close. And soon, he would know that the best had yet to come.

Continue the story of Candy and Flash in the Count Krew classic Mr. Bill Collector

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