If you know me as a calculating individual, you may have suspected that all the orgy talk over the past couple of days was setting you up for something. You would be right! Introducing the orgy story …

All We Want For X-Mas Is An Orgy is a story I wrote back in 2008 for an anthology called Tasty Temptations. It was originally called A X-Mas Story, but other than the name, I pretty much left everything the same. It’s a unique story because I added some poetic touches to sort of round out the main character’s identity. I’m not a poet by any means, but it’s just something I was feeling at the time. 

The story has gotten pretty good feedback, though one chick from the UK said she had to look up some of the words in Google. Like it was “too ghetto” for her. Whatever the fuck that means. Check it out and you be the judge! 

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