Demon Cop vs. PMS Cop

When it comes to hard to kill homicidal
policemen in the horror genre, two names tend to come to mind: Maniac
and Psycho Cop. Seems like the same idea, but each character
truly puts his own fun and unique twist on the rogue officer
narrative. Two supernatural one times that aren’t so fun are Demon
and PMS Cop. The titular characters sound interesting enough on
paper, but when executed in a film, they don’t jump off the screen
very well … well, at least not in these iterations.


Demon Cop is probably the most
promising … on paper. Eddie is an escaped mental patient as well a
former cop who became a probation officer after being wounded in a
drive-by shooting. Nigga is just destined to be an enforcer of the
law. SMH. On the real, he wants to make a difference in the hood, and
even mentors gang bangers in attempt to help them get their lives
together. Yes, this movie is set in an “urban” environment. Any
way, dude gets a tainted blood transfusion, somewhere along the way,
effectively infecting him with an incurable disease that makes AIDs
look like the crabs. Seriously, he’s cursed with the kind of voodoo
that gives him an insatiable thirst for vigilante justice.

Beyond a somewhat decent storyline,
this movie is absolute shit. For one, ole boy isn’t even a cop or demon,
really. He’s more like a werewolf, cheesily carved out of pre-Teen
Wolf special effects. The action that isn’t marred by blurry 8mm
camera trick shots is laughable fuckery that’s just too low brow to
take serious. And unfortunately, this movie takes itself super
serial. As you might expect, the acting is comprised of atrocious
D-level performances throughout. The best lines were delivered by a
jive ass gang banger who tried to explain seeing Demon Cop in action while proclaiming his innocence to the detectives. Eddie, for some
reason, talks in this slow, bootleg Shakespearean dialect that quickly
becomes annoying. I guess it’s suppose to emphasize his dissension
into madness, but he just came off sounding like Grimlock on Xanax.


In PMS Cop, we have a similar plot
twist as both of our supernatural topper coppers have been “turned”
against their will. Mary has finally gone off the deep end. At the
behest of her superiors, the fiery tempered police officer is
prescribed a new experimental drug after she’s caught assaulting a rape suspect on camera. Why she agreed to this shit is beyond me, but
we’ll roll with it. The drug is initially effective at suppressing ‘monthly’ symptoms, but after killing her own partner in a botched robbery
bust-up, Mary slips into a fit of rage. We eventually learn that the
company behind this designer drug is actually involved in biological
weaponry and hoping to sell killing machines like Mary to the highest
bidders of war games. Of course Mary starts PMS’ing and rebels by
tearing through the testing facility, dishing out her own brand of

These movies were made on a total
budget of $100. And with 80 percent of it going to PMS Cop, I’d have
to say it was easily the better movie. Don’t get me wrong, it sucked
Donkey Dong, but there was at least effort made to NOT put out a
total piece of crap. There are even a few serviceable kills. Demon
Cop is a movie I was simply too lazy to turn off. Fuckin’ terrible.  

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