Horror Review From HellĀ 

Funny how things work out. I see House
of 1000 Corpse
s and The Devil’s Rejects both in my movie
recommendations. Shortly thereafter, I learn that there’s yet another
sequel, which may or may not be officially released at the time of
this writing. So after rewinding the first two, I check it out: 3
From Hell

I won’t go as far as the humanoids who
say this movie shouldn’t have been made. Cause who the fuck are you
to say what should be made, when your punk ass is gonna watch it any
way?! However, I was a tad underwhelmed by this movie. Mainly because
there was no justice. These wack jobs go on a mass killing spree
across three movies, escape from prison, skate to Mexico, kill one of
the country’s most vicious gang cartels, and then just walk off into
the sunset. If this is the wrap on the trilogy, I would’ve at least
liked to see them go out with a bang. One final hoorah, but
ultimately paying for all the hell they’ve caused. Finally get a fat
dose of karma’s wrath. Since that didn’t happen, I gotta say it was
just aight.

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