About half way through seems like just
the right time for a cheap plug. It’s the reason we’re here. The
! I wrote this little horror story about six years ago. My very
first one, too. I was so unsure about it that I had to attach a pen
name to it … cause it sucked! However, the story itself, the
concept, the premise, is something I think has potential, so I
decided to re-animate it in the form of a visual novel. Picture it: a drug-fueled
underground party in the abandoned abomination that once housed
Detroit’s Packard Plant … with a cannibalistic madman lurking in the
I just couldn’t let it die!   

I talked about visual novels in videos
and few other places, but what we basically have here is a book/novel
with mostly still images, music and sound effects, packaged into an
app that runs on virtually any device. This form of visual
storytelling encourages interaction by allowing readers to get
involved and make choices at various points, which is why you might
hear visual novels referred to as games. They’re pretty cool, and I
must say, I had an absolute blast putting this shit together. It
wasn’t until moving into editing and testing that it became stressful and
started to feel like actual work. SMH. But that just comes with the
territory, I reckon.

Challenges aside, come hell or hefty high
whores, The Rave will be available on Halloween 2019. In the
meantime, feel free to get in the mood for Molly and mayhem with this
super dope hype video.

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