As Halloween approaches, the
butterflies start to flutter, the anxiety creeps in, and the stress
level soars through the roof. Nothing signifies just how close we are
to release (giggity) like the great cover reveal. Well, I guess it’s
technically the game menu screen. Any way, this design is based on
the very same cover for the original story I created nearly six years ago to the day. I wasn’t sure about how much I wanted to retain, but
I ended up keeping everything intact, for the most part. Name and

The design itself is mostly a minor
cosmetic update. Brighter reds in the blood, more realistic knife,
etc. The little details. Don’t tell my wife that though. She put a
lot of work into this.


While there’s still a couple days to go
for the visual novel, the ebook version of The Rave: Lucky Number 13
is available on Amazon. I published it under my Blake Jeckel alter
ego, mainly, because I didn’t have a lot of faith in. I honestly
think this story works best in a visual novel setting. However, I
made some significant structural changes to the original, so I’m a tad more
confident in the overall quality of the work. Just in time for some
fancy schmancy cross-promotion, too. Yeah!

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