I’m a fairly old school dude. Unlike
people who shall remain nameless (ahem, Jimmy O’shea Chase), I at
least try to give these millennial trends a chance before summing ‘em
up as suck. Still, my track record with new shit isn’t very good.
This spans from movies to music … by God a lot of this newish music
just fuckin’ blows. With that in mind, I was very apprehensive about
giving Fear Town USA the old gander. I skipped over it several times
because it just sounded like one of those Kings of Horror flicks,
which are flat out terrible more often than not. And when I learned
it was a horror-comedy, I was even more iffy, because comedy is
highly subjective. But OHH boy was I trippin’ because as the kids
say, this movie is the tits!

Fear Town USA takes on the dubious
challenge of trying to wrap a multitude of core plots into one story.
We’ve got the four virgin nerds on a mission to finally score some
sex, in addition to a seemingly sweet young woman burdened by a dark secret that follows her and her friends to the most rocking
party on St. Blevins Day (fictional regional holiday). Ohh, there’s also an escaped mental patient
on the loose, a devil-worshipping cult looking to initiate the satanic
apocalypse, and a stuck-up ghost who fat shames people to death.
Yeah, there’s a lot going on here, but first-time director Brandom
Bassham and crew pulls it all off brilliantly.

This movie is God damn hilarious, chock
full of memorable lines and contextual ridiculousness like “pussy
crushing”. And then that ending … OMG, shit had me dying. CTFU,
for real.

Would’ve loved to have done a video
review on it, but it just wasn’t meant to be. For now, I’ll just say
I highly recommend Fear Town USA. I’d even go as far as calling it a
modern day horror-comedy classic. You heard it hear peoples!

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