What happens when you combine the undisputed SIX HOTTEST-BEST SELLING AUTHORS from the Motor City together in one history making project? You get a 100% pure uncut gritty drama and immeasurable chaos!
Welcome to Detroit's grimiest and most nototorious streets ... where anything can and will happen!  Drug Dealers, Crackheads, Murderers, Copper Thieves, Big Block Gators, Strip Clubs and an Indicted Mayor! Trust! Ain't no secret!
From Belle Else and Chandler Park to Brightmoor and River Rouge, join each Motown Novelist as they represent in their own ruthlessly crafted hoold tale that any visitor brave enough to step foot in our city better watch their
P's and Q's and never get it twisted because the bottom line is ...
Bitch! ... I'm from the D!



L stumbled from the store with a fifth of gold rum intact. Already buzzed from guzzling a 32 oz. can of brew, he planned to get retwisted and settle in some fresh twat. The bitch on the phone was his latest target. "I feel you shorty, but I gotta ole lady already." L held the phone in between his ear and shoulder in route to the vehicle. "I’m sayin’ doe ... you wanna fuck wit me, you gon’ have to fuck wit her too. What? Say it wouldn’t be nothin’ you ain’t done befoe huh. Alright then." The attempt at a menage’ was spoiled once L reached the door of the black Expedition ...

A malicious carjacking was taking place right in front of him. He stood and watched in awe as a young man was forced out an old school Cutty on 22s and slung to the pavement. The criminal looked fierce while hovering with the 45 mag in hand. With no remorse, he pumped three slugs into the back of the victim’s head, execution style.

Fucked up at the sight, L stood froze, dropping the cell phone and drawing attention to himself. Oh shit. The mag was now aimed at his chest, prepared to cave it in. L heard a door slam as someone yelled out, "Get in the muthafuckin’ car nigga!"

Giving L the screw face of death, the carjacking murderer reluctantly pulled back his weapon, jumped in the driver’s seat and smashed out. All of sudden, the store owner came dashing out along with a few patrons. L looked down at his phone with the bitch screaming out his name on the line ...