Much love to everyone on MySpace who know me as tHe MaD wRiTeR and either purchased or had something good to say about my books .Appreciate the support!

"My cousin bought your book on Saturday, and i stole it from him and read it. Thug Nation, just wanted to tell you i give you mad props ... and ill def. purchase more. Good luck to ya!"
"The book is DRAMA!"
"What's up? Man, I just finished Thug Nation! That shit was on point! Ya did ya thang, boy! And thank you so much for signing the book!"
"I  finally got the chance to read one of your and excerpts and damn you are talented ... that is truly a blessing and continue to do you thang." 

Kee Kee

"Loved the excerpt from the book keep up the tight works!!" 

Summer's Body 
"Hard core with mad skill"


"You just might be one of my new favorite authors."
7th Sign



"Great interview and review!! I'm so proud of you..I hope you sell a mill. Keep inspiring and keep the pen in rotation!!" 


Patricia Pinkett
Author of Hearts Never Lie 

I'm feeling the excerpt I read on your site. You've got talent and I see you're doing big things.

Alicia McGhee
Author of Pleasure and Pain I & II
"I have to indeed give credit where credit is do."
Sherri Kelley 
Author of Left the Ghetto 


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