Tasty Temptations is an erotic anthology filled with tantalizing pleasures to tease your senses ranging from the sensually mild to the insatiably hot wild. Love blossoms, fantasies are fulfilled, and your wildest imaginations are brought to life and dance off these lust filled pages. Crack open the pages and take a peek at sexy lovers, lustful payback, naughty professors, and BDSM. Keep on reading and experience a swinger club, living in someone else's shoes, and an X-mas tale that will leave you blushing. Tasty Temptations is tempting enough to fill any appetite.

Contributing authors: Nichole Payton, E. Geoffrey Depp, Rukyyah Karreem, Contel Bradford, Sherice White, Lord' Williams, Jerome Staten & Leila Jefferson
An Exceprt from a X-Mas Story by Contel Bradford

An Hour Later ...

So we blazed, toasted up and washed pills down our throats. Krystal was a virgin to the X so it took some team persuasion to get her on our level. After that I had to explain the rules, how it might make her feel. Reminded her to drink at least a few cups of cold water. Shit’ll dehydrate you if you let it, specially with all the blunts we were about to blaze.

At this point I was really feelin’ it ... or should I say them. Yeah I popped two. After rolling last week I realized one just wouldn’t be enough. Devin and Darius seemed to be enjoying the X-tacy effects, looking goofy as hell, talking mad shit. Krystal looked out of the mix, sitting all alone on the love seat while I ran back and forth making drinks. She was probably wondering what the hell was happening to her, curious about that tingly feeling racing through her body. I decided to cuddle up beside her and show some comfort.

"You alright?" I placed a hand on her thigh, letting it rest there, seeing how she would react.

"I don’t know," she answered honestly. "I feel kinda weird."

"You’ll be alright. Give it a few minutes and you’ll feel just fine."


"Lemme give you a massage ... might make you feel better." Damn. Hope I didn’t fuck up. Shit, I never tried courting another girl so I wasn’t sure. Didn’t know if that was coming on too strong or what. Krystal’s expression showed uncertainty yet she slid underneath me on the floor.

I spread my legs apart and placed one on both sides, gently trapping her ass up. "Alright." I cracked my knuckles like a professional and wiped the gathering perspiration away. I twirked my fingers slowly over her shoulders ... instant magic. Krystal cried moans of pleasure as I worked the kinks from her stiff neck. Darius and Devin’s heated discussion on Detroit’s economy came to a close once noticing us. Krystal was totally into my physical therapy, leaning her head back into my pussy. Yeah ... right there baby. I longed for her to turn around and slide me from my pajamas, dip her tongue right in my snatch.

"Yeah yeah," I heard Darius mumble. He and Devin gave each other dap, smiles wider than Kwame Kilpatrick. I peeped my mans staring in between Krystal’s legs, way enthused at the sight of her red Santa panties. Didn’t bother me one bit. I had plans of getting her to show much much more.

The men cranked the conversation back up, patiently waiting I guess. One thing about the XO’s, that shit’ll have the shyest mu-fucka talkin’ up some shit ... confession session, spilling deep dark secrets. Had to give much credit to dem niggas though. They played it cool as hell, like they wasn’t so anxious to get up in these tight twats. Shit, just caressing Krystal’s shoulders and back had my pussy on flood ... I couldn’t wait.