With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, there is no better time to deliver the second episode of the Fetish Files. This time around I’m interviewing my man Brunoxox and his dedicated slave JessyFoxx.


How long have you been a fetish model?

I recently just started getting into the fetish model scene but I’ve always had a wild side in the bedroom.

What inspired you to pursue this line of work?

My fiance when we first met was the one that got me into it. Before fetish modeling I did a couple of regular photo shoots with her. I really enjoyed it, plus I’m very photogenic so that helps. Lol

Can you give us a detailed description about your work as a fetish model? Like what’s an average day on the clock for you?

Staying fit is one of my main priorities. Keeping it new and exciting in the bedroom is the other one. Learning new ways to tie up my slave. Thinking of new dirty things to say to her as well. You have to have that comfortability with someone in order to be able to explore each other.

Are you an independent performer, or do you work with any other companies?

I’m currently working independent on Fetlife but i hope to take it to the next level soon.

What impact, if any, do you feel the #MeToo movement and consent have had on activities in the fetish community?

I’m not touching that topic with Bill Cosby’s dick. (joke)

How can we show love?

Any type of publicity or advertisement would be fine enough. I hope to be a famous fetish model someday.


How did you two meet?

We met through a family friend it was love at first sight.

Is the master-slave dynamic something you embrace 24/7, or just something guys whip out when you wanna get kinky?

I embrace it every chance we get. When I’m stressed out my master makes me his slave, dominating me and i love it!

When did you realize being submissive was something you wanted to adopt in your life?

Being sub or slave is exciting for me. The dirtier and rougher the better. It excites me to be told what to do and I beg for more. I’ve always been into it and he loves it. I like being a slave. I love to make my master happy. Being sexy and spontaneous is key with us

What turns you on in the bedroom … or the dungeon?

What turns me on in our room is being punished and how sexy I feel and how we both are so in-sync with each others sexual desires and chemistry.

Do you have any advice for anyone who’s thinking about embracing their inner slave, but may not quite know how to channel it?

My advice for anyone wanting to open up to this is to just explore different things with one another. Just open up your mind and body. You never know what you like till you try it. Being a slave will keep your master/dom very happy. Don’t be afraid of sexually opening up. It’s really hot and fun!

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