I have an appreciation for trivial, yet personally relevant numbers. 420, of course. Then there’s the anally obsessive habit of only increasing the TV volume in increments of five. Ohh, how about routinely gobbling psychedelic supplements at 2 am on a Sunday. Where am I going? Well, during the week of this final Friday the 13th of 2019, we’re delivering episode 13 of The Fetish Files, which happens to cover one of my favorite subjects. With no further ado, an interview with the lovely Domina Katherine.  

How did you get started in the mistress business?

I’ve always been kinky but at one point, probably about 15 years ago, I realized that meant I was actually a bit of a deviation from the norm. I’ve always been very much into sexual freedom and freedom of expressions, and have also been wonderfully lucky in the partners I’ve had, but my behavior did seem so genuinely disturb a few. So I started reading up on various BDSM topics, impact points, safety, aftercare, etc. I joined the Portland Leather Alliance, and started playing with, and being mentored by, some of the elders in the Leather community. After several years, I became very good friends with a submissive male, who had mentioned that he thought I should be a professional dominatrix. Around the same time a couple of others had made similar comments, so I started looking into it.

Strangely enough at that same time, I had just gotten a new room mate that was a submissive male, who seemed excited to build a website for me. Before it was even complete, I popped an ad up on Craigslist (not recommended). One needed to read between the lines to understand, but one person completely understood. I was a little nervous at first. I wasn’t in the habit of meeting up with strangers in private to do naughty things. He was, however, a complete gentleman, and clearly much more nervous than I was. It was a great experience, not to mention I had never made $200 in one hour before. After that was just about building my business. 

From ass worship to humiliation, facesitting intersects with various planes of the fetish world. What is it that you personally enjoy about sitting on faces?

Facesitting is interesting for me because I am allowing someone to be very close to my pussy, but the only way is for their face to become my chair. It’s simultaneously objectifying someone and allowing them a type of access to something wonderful. As if to say, “You will never deserve this as a human, you may only have it as an object, and only in a way that benefits me”. It’s very powerful.

Some women are initially uncomfortable with facesitting. Are there any basic nuances a newbie should try for a more enjoyable experience?

I recommend the bottom has something soft beneath their head. Also soft comfortable clothing is helpful. The top should also be careful with their hip bones. They can, oddly, fit perfectly into the eye sockets. lol. I also like to have a good check in system and a good sense of humor. Being able to laugh at the unexpected in the middle of a scene has been very humanizing for me, and also seems to foster intimacy, which then takes play to a new and deeper level.

What are some of your other specialties?

My other specialties include hypnosis, long-term slave training, impact play and edge play. 

How common are safe words in professional dom sessions?

For me they are rare, however I have been in situations in which it felt necessary to push someone to say their safe word. That was a couples coaching session, in which the female partner didn’t know how hard she could hit her boyfriend and seemed a little intimidated. So I told them that we would play until he said his safe word. When he did, I turned to her and said, “That’s how hard you can hit him”. I received a very sweet email from them a couple of days later, so I think it worked.

I imagine like any occupation, the dom game can wear on you to the  point where it’s no longer fulfilling. How do you stay refreshed and retain that same level of passion for the business?

For me it’s about pushing myself as well as pushing my subs and bottoms. Trying new things, being extremely present and living in the moment. There are always new activities to try and I love switching things up. Probably the most important thing for me is being authentic. If I’m not into something, I say I’m not into it (although I’ll try just about anything twice), and I stick to the things that excite me, and gravitate to the things that entice me.

I also feel I’ve pretty well mastered my screening process and easily let go of clients that don’t learn how to behave (rare). I won’t tolerate an unpleasant experience for long because BDSM is too important to me. I consider it to be a tool for psycho-spiritual growth, in many cases. Not to mention it’s extremely hot.

How can new fans connect with Domina Katherine?

info@dominakatherine.com (email) is the best way to reach me.

I also have a couple of websites: DominaKatherine.com and HypnoticDomme.com