As the saying goes, one man’s torture is another man’s pleasure. I actually just made that up, but it’s true. Take the wedgie, for instance. An activity that is the bane of suburban students the world over is fetishized by countless adults in the kink community. I picked the brilliant minds of Jack & Jill to learn more about the wedgie fetish phenomenon.  

1. I dedicated a whole post to my wedgie obsession. What does Jack and Jill find appealing about wedgies?

Jill: Many members of the wedgie community find a physical appeal to it; what I mean by that is that they actually enjoy the feel of having a pair of underwear up their ass. To me, however, the appeal is mental. When Jack gives me a wedgie, I feel like he’s in command. He’s the dom and I’m the sub.

Jack: I have been into wedgies for a long time. For me it is part panty fetish, humiliation/domination, and the aesthetic of wedgies themselves.

2. So what made you guys decide to share that fascination with the world?

Jill: I believe it’s a bit of a niche fetish. I have heard of fetishes on the more “grotesque” side of the scale, but never had I heard of a wedgie fetish. I figured it proved a great business opportunity, while still having a fun time with each other.

Jack: I felt that most of the content out there sucked ass, so I wanted to produce stuff that was better.

3. What can people who are new to this trend expect from your content?

Jill: Plenty of humiliation, I would say. Vanilla humiliation and degradation.

Jack: I try to make videos with angles that people like myself want to see – a lot of content out there has shitty angles and/or a poor view of what’s going on.

4. What are some of the requests you cater to with custom videos?

Jill: The typical array of wedgies like regular and frontal wedgies, atomic wedgies, messy wedgies, etc. We love to include spanking in our videos. We have a customer that wanted me to sing humiliating songs while I was wedgied and spanked by Jack. That was… memorable, to say the least. If you’re reading this, you know who you are. We love you!

Jack: Whatever people are willing to pay for – voyeurism and upskirt are also things we do.

5. Does Jack and Jill specialize in any other fetishes?

Jill: We’ve only really done wedgie videos, but as mentioned before, some people like to include spanking in their custom video. I also serve as a mistress to those who want to be dominated with and without wedgies. Roleplaying is one of my specialties as well. I’ve roleplayed for a big chunk of my life. I remember when I was just entering teenagehood, I would roleplay as anime characters with my friends on Facebook and whatnot. Oh, the weeaboo days…

Jack: Wedgies are part of  a wider fetish for me that includes panties, VPL, panty slips, upskirts, and so on.

6. There are several options when it comes to fetish-friendly platforms. Which sites have you guys found most valuable for showcasing your content?

Jill: You can find us on Pornhub and ManyVids! Both websites are wedgie friendly.

Jack: Pornhub is definitely the go-to I think.

7. Does Jack and Jill have anything special in store that we should be on the lookout for?

Jill: We’ve been planning on doing livestreaming on ManyVids, but it’s a bit complicated when our schedules are filled with both our wedgie business and our real jobs. Sometimes life gets in the way of our plans.

Jack: We are trying to provide consistent content on our Pornhub – we have a paid Fan Club available there and we upload several videos a month plus free content for the channel.

8. How can we support or connect with you guys online?

Jill: You can follow us on our social media! Here’s my information:

Instagram- @jillsmithvevo

Snapchat- @jackjillwedgies

Twitter- @jackjillwedgies

We do our best to deliver quality content for the wedgie community. And, of course, let us not forget financial support. Our PayPal is and CashApp is $jackandjillwedgies. Even a little donation to buy pizza is accepted!

Jack: My instagram is @jacksmithwedgies or I am on the LuckyFetish forums under “jacksmithy”.