I have tremendous respect for people in the sex industry. After all, it takes a lot of mental fortitude to solider on in spite of the stigma, potential dangers, and self-doubt that I imagine crops up ever so often. My respect for sex workers has increased tenfold after kicking it with uber intriguing author and seasoned kinkster Jenny the Sexpert.

How exactly did you get into ‘escorting’?

I got into escorting unintentionally. I had advertised myself as a chat girl on a website called Adultwork.com. However, no one wanted to talk to me. They were only interested in ‘meeting’ me, which took me totally by surprise. You see, I was like many others. I was under the impression that escorts had to be stick thin models with big tits but no. Luckily for me a great many men preferred BBWs (big, beautiful women). It wasn’t something I had ever considered but unfortunately I was being threatened with being taken to court for an outstanding debt of £875. Not a lot, I agree, but when you have other debt and next to no income, I decided I had to bite the bullet and make arrangements to meet some of my would-be clients.

Now, you must understand I did not have a clue how to go about becoming an escort, hooker, prostitute or whatever the term. Most of my clients informed me over time that I was a sex worker. A few of my regulars even went as far as saying, ‘You’re nothing like an escort, you’re just a lovely woman try to earn a living.’ I was quite taken aback by that but confirmed this opinion by saying, “I’m just me being me”. You see to me and I feel very lucky in saying this, at the end of the day we are only men and women and I am a woman providing a service and to be honest, for the most part, I really enjoyed what I do.

You see, in the UK I am termed as an independent escort, in which I choose who I want to see and when. I work for no one but me. I work when I choose to and see as many or as few clients as I choose to. I know it’s nothing like this for other woman in my line of work, but for me it has to be under my terms or they can just look elsewhere. However, I have always prided myself of giving my clients the best time ever and that’s why I have so many regulars, some of which have been coming back to me for almost five years and more often than not I have had the best sex ever in return.

What are the pros and cons of being escort?

Well, to start with the pros for me, far outweigh the cons. It is easy money. I have a good time with my guys. I get lots of affection, kisses and cuddles. In fact, I had a lot of clients who just want to kiss and cuddle me. One such client who booked me for 3 hours took me out to dinner first then the plan was back to mine, where upon I dressed him up in the clothes he brought, women’s clothes naturally. He was in fact a transvestite. Once dressed I was to fuck him with my strap-on and then he would fuck me. All very good and special indeed, except all he wanted to do was lay on the bed with me kissing and cuddling. No sex or even fore-play. I felt so guilty I insisted on giving him (some) before he left.

Yes, you’ve guessed not a businesswoman. As I said, for the most part, I get really lovely men. A lot of first timers, who for quite sometime want to see me and for some reason want their first time with me, which I see as a compliment.

The only cons for me is a lot of people contact me then don’t turn up. I know there are many reasons for this, but a lot are just time wasters. But unfortunately for me I have turned down genuine clients, which I have to let down. There are some guys who contact me and straight away by the content of their text or email or phone conversation I know I would not enjoy spending time with them. My reply is, “sorry booked up” then block or delete them.

I do not see dominant men because I am a dominant woman and it would be of no interest to me. I did meet with 3 in the beginning because I had no idea what to ask when I was contacted initially. I did what was required of me, but I never saw them again. I am not the usual escort, I guess, and I think that’s why I don’t have many cons.

So are phone sex chat lines still a thing? How has the internet changed that industry?

Yes, phone sex is just as popular as ever, if not more so. What you have to remember is, it is a fantasy line. Guys want to live out a particular fantasy, fetish or desire but not necessarily see the girl he is talking to because in his mind she is his fantasy girl, so the visual isn’t required. Could be he doesn’t want to see a girl to help him live out his requirements because in reality the fantasy or whatever is all in his mind, is just that. All that being said, thanks to the internet, callers have the good fortune of seeing the woman he chooses to talk to, so in a big way the internet has done wonders for phone sex.

How exactly do you tailor your erotica to cater to male readers?

That is an easy one to answer. Basically it’s porn that’s written and caters to men’s sexual fantasies. Also, there’s no romance or heaving bosoms or unrequited love or any shit like that. That being said, some of my female friends have enjoyed reading them.

What inspired you to pen the book A Darker Shade of Rose?

Well, believe it or not the book is actually based on a particular fantasy of one of my regular callers, an elder gentleman who wanted to gasp his last breath being smothered by, in his words, a fat, juicy pussy or I prefer, cunt. That is the premise for the book. I have since discovered it is known as face-sitting and/or smothering. Which as it turns out, I now do for a living and it also seems I am exceptionally good at. Hindsight now tells me I should have called it, ‘Death by Pussy’. It is the way most men wish to go, drowning in pussy juice! By the by, said caller, Johnny’s fantasy is in the book and God love his old heart, he purchased a copy and loved it.

I will tell you something here: he was 78 years old when he first spoke with me and he confessed one time that before he spoke to me he always took Viagra prior to partaking in sex chat but he found that talking with me he didn’t have to. And I pride myself on the fact I could make the old bastard, love him, cum twice during our 30 minutes chats and that was sometimes 3 times a week.

Do you have any other erotica projects in the works?

Yes, as it goes, I do have an erotica project in the works. It is entitled, In Another Life. It’s finished. But because I write in long hand first, I am only half-way in completing it. This one is a dark erotic thriller and it’s about James, a man who wants to introduce his latest conquest, a woman he has killed to own, to the world of BDSM. After being pushed too far, further than she could be pushed to. Now, his world is about to change. In a way, it’s similar to me discovering I am dominant when all my young life I believed myself to be submissive. Only when I had been introduced to BDSM did I realise I had my limits. Sadly, my book ends in someone’s death.

Can you tell us more about “iWanks”? And which do you recommend to new listeners?

iWanks are similar to iTunes, only far more explicit. They can be downloaded to your mobile and listened to wherever and whenever you want. My erotic audios are different to the usual erotica in as much as you will think I am talking to you, very similar to phone sex. Because I am used to chatting to guys who only want to listen, it is easy for me to have a one-way conversation and yet convince you that you are listening to me talking directly to you. And I am the only person out there able to do that. It is unique to me and my expertise.

If there are guys out there who have never tried phone sex, then download ‘Sniff my Panties’. It will soon become very clear what phone sex is all about and how after 20 years I still love it. Nothing hornier than a guy exploding his load over the phone because I had a hand in it!

Of all the fetishes you’ve explored, what are some of your absolute faves? Like the kinks you don’t mind revisiting every now and then.

Face-sitting and smothering are my absolute faves. I am quite a heavy girl, so guys want me to ‘Queen’ them. For me, I love the feel of a guy struggling to breathe underneath me. I tell them to tap my thigh if they are unable to breathe, but I don’t always get off straight away. I guess I get off having total control over life and death. Although, I seem to know when enough is enough and the relief they so obviously show tells me I have done a good job. I remember a client asking me, ‘You’re not going to kill me, are you?’ To which I replied, ‘It depends on my mood when I’m am sitting on you.’

A close second is beating and torturing men for a living. However, I must make it clear, I love it because they do. There are a couple of exceptions to this and that’s when I push them beyond their limits. Even when they are screaming, crying and begging I do not stop until I am satisfied. They have reached their limits.

What’s the best way for potentially new fans to connect with you online?

The best way at the moment for fans to connect with me is @AinslieTurner on Twitter or on my website: www.jennyseroticwritings.co.uk. Look out for Mistress Captivating on www.iwantclips.com and www.iwantphone.com