I took somewhat of a breather from the fetish community so I could focus on some non-erotica projects. With the sequel to The Fetish Dictionary around the corner (fingers crossed), I’m gonna be refocusing my energies back into the smut world. Re-up my FetLife subscription. Flick reviews for the YouTube channel. More VR porn. The whole shebangs! I also plan to score more interviews for the Fetish Files, and there is no better subject for our episode 15 milestone than Lola the Nymphomaniac.

1. First and foremost, who is Lola the Nymphomaniac?

You know, just your average nymphomaniac next door. That’s one of our taglines and it’s apt because I’m sure that if I did live next door to you, you wouldn’t know, except for the fact that I’m a screamer and I like to fuck with the blinds open and the windows open in the summertime. But other than that, I go mostly incognito. Very few of my friends know about the blog or who I am under the covers. I’m an “under cover” nympho, you might say. I have other interests and activities. My work is related to the sex industry, but other than that I like live music, art, travel, reading, movies, and good food.

What else would you like to know? I’m an open book, literally. Well, literally I’m five open books with another on the way this month.

2. Your blog is incredible. What inspired you to create this site and share such intimate content with the world?

Thank you! This was really HH’s idea. After we started dating, he, an older man (a much older man), couldn’t believe my sexdrive and kinks. He searched around the internet to find a guy in a similar situation to try to gain some insight, but didn’t find anyone at the time. So he started the blog to tell others about “my sexlife with Lola.” Since then, we’ve found a lot of
couples in similar relationships. A lot of “hotwife/stag” couples, a lot of
May/December relationships, a lot of nymphos, a lot of great erotica writers.

The blog became very popular quickly and soon we discovered that if we didn’t post something regularly or if the blog went down for a little while, our readers would write to us. They’d ask if we were ok or when the next post was going to be published. In other words, we had a dedicated following. We actually get a lot of fanmail. A lot of guys send “tributes” or “cumtributes” – pics of them getting off to my photos, either from the blog or from the books. Some women send in pics for either me or HH, or both of us.

My personal favorite is couples who send in pics of them getting off to us together. It is very satisfying and sexually stimulating to know that we help couples cum together. It’s also been great to collaborate with artists and people like Jupiter Grant who does all the narration of our books for Audible.com. That came about because one of our “readers” who is a blind musician, wrote to us asking if we could make an audiobook since the standard narration app on his computer didn’t really do it for him. Since then we’ve co-produced with Jupiter Grant three audiobooks and volume IV is being made now. They have proven to be our best sellers. And I have to admit, it’s fun to listen to her voice reading our stories while driving on a long road trip or at night in bed.

3. Seems your significant other is a big part of the Lola experience.
What role has he played in supporting and helping shape your online

I like that, “The Lola Experience.” As I said, the blog was his idea and his creation. He runs that and does most of the writing for it. He also takes most of the photos and does all of the book content and design. I do the rest of the online presence. It can be confusing to people because they see my account and my photos, but then read the stories told from the 1st person point of view of a man and they’re like, “Did you write that?” I am not the author, but the muse and inspiration. But he supports me in every way, not just related to the blog.

4. I see you’re an author as well. Can you tell us more about your steamy stories?

Oh, no. I’m not an author. Once in a while I write something for the blog if it seems like it should be told by me, in the first person, rather than by HH. The Introduction to our first book was written by me. I also wrote a review of the Exotic-Erotics Remus Horsecock Dildo. But, other than that I usually whisper stories in HH’s ear while he pumps me and, if he remembers them, he writes them in the blog.

5. What are some of your favorite turn-ons?

Where to start? As I mentioned, women, men, or couples who get off to me or the stories or my photos really turns me on. It’s been my primary source of release during COVID. I’m also sapiosexual, so I find intelligence very
attractive. I look at my fair share of porn and some of it might be a little too extreme for most folks. I tell HH not to write about that because every time he does, we have people who ask us to unsubscribe them from the blog. (By the way, we can’t do that; only you can.)

Lately I’ve been begging HH to jack-off over me, but he doesn’t. He prefers that I hold the Stoya Destroya Fleshlight for him. I’m also turned on by Jupiter Grant’s voice. People wonder why I don’t narrate the books. The simple answer is, she does it better. She has so much talent as an actor and knows how to do it. Also, she reminds me of Phoebe Waller-Bridge’s “Fleabag,” which I absolutely adore!

6. Can you describe the ideal date night for Lola and the man who loves her?

By “the man who loves her,” do you mean HH? I get a lot of men who profess their love for me, or, at least, their lust for my body. I’d rather they love the “me” they read about than just my body. But, to answer your question, if I was going out with HH, an ideal date would be much like some of the dates HH has written about. I’d spend about two hours prepping and
primping, showering, masturbating, putting on something sexy, revealing,
but classy. He and I would go to a busy hotel bar downtown. We’d walk in at
separate times so that no one would know we’re together. I’d go in first and get the attention of the men at the bar. One of them would offer me his spot to sit and a few of them would begin to chat me up. Then HH would walk in and find a place down at the end of the bar where he could watch me from afar. He’d see me flirting and the guys buying me drinks. After a while I’d pick out one (or three) that I want to fuck and I’d excuse myself to powder my nose. I’d text him from the ladies’ room and ask his permission. Maybe he’d eventually join in with the group that has surrounded me. Someone would mention getting a hotel room and the three, four, or five of us would go up to the room. I’d do a striptease and then a bit of classical bukkake, you know, where the men remain seated and cannot touch and I’m on the bed fucking myself. Then, after I have sufficiently teased them all, they are allowed to do me, one-by-one, ending with HH. He then takes me home, leaving the other guys in the hotel room, and we get to review the night as he fucks me in our own bed.

7. How can potentially new fans connect with you guys online?

I try to include our email on all of our platforms because, well, I love fanmail. You can write to me at: downloladown@gmail.com

WOW. Treat yourself to the Lola Experience by visiting MySexLifeWithLola.