I’ve been wanting to gear this series more towards erotic fiction for a while, but catching up with authors is easier said than done. Luckily, I was able to snag some time from Mx. Alex, a relatively new author blazing up the ladder of indie erotica.

Can you explain the origins and meaning of your pen name?

Alex is my real name, but I wanted to save my first and last name for when I finally publish the fantasy romance series I’ve been working on for about 5 years now. When it came time to publish my erotic romance, I went with Mx. Alex since Mx. is the gender neutral version of Mr./Mrs. and I’m genderfluid and go by they/them pronouns.

When did you discover your passion for writing and when did you start to seriously pursue it?

Oh, man… when I was about 10? I started writing because stories, poems, and characters would just pop up in my head, and they sounded so cool I had to start writing them down. For a long time, I wrote just for me, school, and a few close friends, but when I went to college, I took my first creative writing class and fell even more in love with the craft. I switched majors and never looked back. It still took until I was about 25 to really decide this was what my heart was set on, and I’m good at it, so why not?

What are some of the themes or kinks you explore in your stories?

My number one theme has to be consent. I preach consent in my work, because most of my stories involve BDSM elements, and BDSM is all about consent at its core. It’s about power, but not taken power, power freely given by another. That’s the emotion I love to explore in my work: how it feels to give and/or receive the precious gift of a lover’s submission.

Can you take us beyond the Amazon blurb and explain what’s going down in your debut book, Rescue?

Rescue is all about two men exploring a mutual attraction even though they don’t speak the same language and can’t communicate like most people. It’s about two vastly different men — they’re two different species, after all — finding out that under all the outward, physical differences, inside they both want the same thing, and they find it in each other. There’s also a little (major) mystery involving a “missing” twin sister and some secrets that could bring down an entire planet’s hierarchy. It really does have everything.

I see you’ve embraced the Tik Tok revolution. In your opinion, how can this platform help authors expand their reach?

I’ve only been on TikTok a few days and have definitely noticed a bump in the attention my book is getting both in sales and new reviews, which had all but stalled for nearly the whole month of April. The key to TikTok is in the people who choose that platform to engage with others versus Twitter or Facebook. Watching fun videos of writers being our geeky, silly selves or tours of floor to ceiling bookshelves stocked full of colorful books all paired with catchy music… it’s kind of a no brainer. It’s a whole different kind of media versus endless timelines of text and still photos, and so it attracts a different kind of reader. The writing/publishing community over there is every bit as supportive as Twitter’s, which is saying something. I will tell you this though, the books that get most of the attention on TikTok have stunning covers. It pays to put a pretty face on your books.

Do you have any future projects in the pipeline?

Oh yeah. I have Rescue’s sequels in the works, a contemporary series planned after that, then another sci-fi project in the far future, and they’re all MM erotic romance. I also have my fantasy stuff I hope to start releasing this fall/winter as well as several erotica collaborations in the works.

How can potential readers buy your books and connect with you online?

All my stuff is on Amazon and currently available on Kindle Unlimited. I’m most active on Twitter @MxAlex44 where I say and do all sorts of crazy stuff, promote my books, and preach safe, sane, and consensual kink. It’s a fun time.

If Twitter’s not your style, I’m on Instagram, TikTok, and Reddit under the same username. I’m beginning to post short stories, mostly fantasy, to read for free on my website as well at mxalexwrites.com. I love to chat with readers and fellow writers/authors, so hit me up at any of those places!