The fetish community never ceases to amaze me. Seems every other day I’m running across some mind-numbing fuckery that just has me on some Ron Simmons shit, like …

Usually in a good way. I got that chummy ole feeling running across Mr. and Mrs. Peacock, a fascinating couple that likes to swing on that next level. Meet the Peacocks. 

1. Can you please explain and your mission behind this website?

We began completely organically. When we first got married, the Mrs. Wanted to take a break from swinging. So I suggested doing some videos for Pornhub just as something fun to do to maintain some excitement. I was concerned going from swinging to vanilla was going to be too big of a leap. We made some videos and people were attracted to the intimacy. We never expected to make more than 300-500 bucks. Next thing you know, we had a huge Pornhub following. After a year on Pornhub we decided to launch a site. I found AdultMemberSites and the rest is history.

This is our 3rd year having a website of our own. TwoPeacockProductions came about because we needed a way for people who fuck us on camera to get in on the action. It’s our way of paying models without paying them to fuck if that makes sense. Our mission has always been real swingers, real amateurs, real orgasms. We NEVER pay anyone to fuck us and we never get paid to fuck. That way everything you see on camera is based on real attraction. When I watch porn I want to know the performers are actually doing it for pleasure and attracted to each other. That’s our goal.

2. How long have you two indulged in this lifestyle?

Mr Peacock became a swinger in 2005 and her in 2007 with her ex husband. We met in the lifestyle. 

3. Has this lifestyle and business model changed your relationship dynamic in any way?

No not really. That’s what’s great about our porn. We would still be doing this even if it wasn’t for the money. We enjoy the exhibitionism. One fringe benefit is that the porn forces us to take time every week focused on each other. As you know life has a way of distracting you from intimacy with your partner and having the site helps us maintain focus on enjoying each other. Because we don’t really “do shoots” its never forced. I think that comes through in the product.

4. What are some of the benefits that come with being a member of your site?

Our site is very generous. You get a lot of bang for your buck. A weekly member gets access to all our content and half price downloads. All other membership levels get all the content and all downloadable vids for free. All members get lifetime access to our private twitter account where people can interact with us. We do live shows every two weeks and there is a chat in our site for people to reach us as well. We hope one day to be doing this full time so we can do even more for our members. Our site has over 250 vids, 5000 pictures and we release new pics daily, new vids weekly and have for 3 years without ever missing a date for personal issues. We are very grateful to our members and make them a priority.

5. If I’m being honest, the “Fuck Us” stands out more than anything else on your homepage. Can you provide some details on this exclusive invitation and the criteria used in the qualification process?

We like skinny guys with big dicks. It looks good on camera. We prefer laid back go with the flow personality types. A little on the submissive side. You would be surprised how few people will actually show up on game day. We’ve been in the swinging game so long we know how to weed out the tire kickers. We fuck maybe one or two “new” people every three months. We are not desperate so we can sit back and wait for something exceptional to come our way. With more professionals being into the amateur game, we plan on recording with some real pornstars soon. But only pornstars that will do a content exchange deal. We will never pay anyone for sex or be paid to have sex. And only pornstars were actually attracted to. Mrs. P is VERY picky and if she’s not turned on, I’m not turned on. I have zero desire to see her “taking one for the team” or having sex because she feels obligated to do so.

6. Do you guys take any certain safety measures prior to or during playtime with those lucky strangers?

We hate condoms. They taste gross and they dry out the pussy. Obviously, nothing is ever 100% safe, but you can tell dirtbags from legit people with jobs, lives, and kids. We never fuck creeps or “high risk” people. We get tested every 3-6 months or so. We are both on PreP now because we want to fuck some real pornstars and we prefer to use gay/bi guys in our scenes. Gay and bi guys are more fun for threesomes. Straight guys are more uptight about DVP and incidental touching sex acts. Funny enough, we are actually taking LESS risks now that we have the website. The camera scares off most people. Now we fuck maybe 5-8 people in a year. When we were just swingers, we would fuck that many people in one weekend. So to us, the limited amount we swing these days is actually several steps down in terms of risk. 

7. What can members of your site expect from the “Live Video” feature?

Our live platform will be updated soon to eliminate the 7 second delay. We chat for about 10 mins and then we fuck as though no one is watching. That’s what our fans expect to see – intimacy. We want it to feel as though you’re peeking into our bedroom and we don’t know or care someone is watching. I see cam model shows and I think it’s ridiculous. That’s just not our style at all. Were swingers, not cam models.

8. What is the vision of the Peacock Couple moving forward?

This year is the summer of outdoor sex. We LOVE being naked out doors so we want to do more of that. We want to find more new locations to record at like we do for Oasis AquaLounge. We plan on doing Europe in 2020 as well. We want to get more into bondage & kink scenarios. More “fuckactions”. We enjoy fucking new people on vacation more than we enjoy fucking locally. It’s more exciting. But other than that, we want to maintain what got us here, the chemistry we have and the genuine desire we have for each other and the people we bring into our bedroom.  

Photo by Meireles Neto on Unsplash