So I’ve been freelance writing for a while. Around 2014, I was contracted by a client we’ll just call Porn Guy, to work on this huge project for one of the major adult content distributors. Writing articles, reviews on hot new products, profiling various amateur porn production companies, etc. This was my first intimate encounter with the fetish world … beyond PornHub categories and general stuff.

One of my favorite parts of that gig was interviewing some of the colorful personalities in the fetish community. That project is in the past, but I’ve been hella fascinated with the fetish culture ever since and thought I’d expand on the journalism element by doing my own thing. My goal with the Fetish Files is to deliver up close and personal insights from the people who eat, sleep, and breathe this lifestyle. Hopefully I can get some like-minded freaks to cum along with me on the journey.

Photo by Sonny Ravesteijn on Unsplash